Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Friday, June 30, 2006

Over the Edge

I think hubs has gone over the edge. Last night he came home with two red and yellow cards in his hand. You know, like the ones the referees use in the WC. He states that he intends to use them on me and the dogs. Not only that, hubs proudly proclaims that he gave a similar supply of color coded cards to his colleague, a Brazilianphile and fellow WC nut. I wonder if he will notice if his precious cards mysteriously disappear. I'll just incriminate the dogs.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nearing Completion

Gi's room is nearing completion. Just waiting for Sis to send the curtains and blanket to me. Keeping everything simple and uncluttered. I'm sure it will be cluttered enough when the Gigster gets here. Enjoy, Mama Lydia!

Pancakes Pancakes

Something new I found out about hubby since I have been off from school. He is caarazy for Krusteaz's chocolate chip pancakes! I'm not kidding. He has requested this for breakfast almost every morning since the beginning of June. Each time he gobbles it up as if it was his last meal. He refuses syrup, butter and whipped cream. Just the pancakes and, occasionally, some sliced fruit. No knife needed. Just a fork of which he treats like a lollipop stick. Hubby stabs each pancake in the middle and nibbles on it from the outer edges to the inner parts. All of this is done with the tv blaring. What a way to start each morning!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Here We Go Again!

O.k. I'm in the bathroom doing my morning routine. Note to self-lock door next time especially during WC. Hubby is standing on the other side of the door screaming that the Brazil vs. Ghana game is about to come on. I assure him that I will be out in time to watch the game. Before I can take my next breath, hubby swings the door half way open and throws his old Brazilian jersey in and slams the door shut again. Mind you, hubs is already at fever pitch and instructs me to change into the jersey. I dutifully come out of the bathroom with the jersey on and find hubby clad in his new jersey already glued to the tv. Brazil just scored their second goal!!! Hubs is estatic and satisfied. He takes his jersey off, showers and prepares to go to work. He tells me that his jersey is to remain on the arm rest of the sofa closest to the tv. ETA for tv to be turned off---as soon as hubs steps out the door. After all, a girl's got to have her privacy and quiet time.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ladybug Collection

Gigi's ladybug collection is growing. She first got an adorable ladybug bib from our friends, Kim and Todd. And yesterday, Kristen and David gave her a soft red ladybug jumper. So cute! Our friend, Jessica also gave her books and toys. And my co-worker, Mayra has been very generous as well. My sister is making her curtains and other accent pieces. She has even agreed to make the 100 Wishes quilt should I join the quilt square swap. A big thanks to everyone!!!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Great Sunday Exciting Game Too

Hubs and I just had a great Sunday afternoon with our friends. I mustered up my questionable skills and cooked a Chinese meal for everyone. Dessert was American, though. Don't really know how to make Chinese dessert. After eating, we settled down to dessert and coffee and watched the Portugal vs. Netherlands game. What an ugly match!!! Players from both teams nearly got into an all out brawl several times. So many yellow and red cards issued. Even I was totally mesmerized by the game. One of my friends, poor girl, probably didn't expect to come over and have to watch soccer here too. Her hubby is a soccer nut also and tortures her with loud broadcasts in their house. She is also a soccer widow. Well, six hours later, my house still smells like Chinese food. My friends will just have to take a shower and wash their hair when they get home!

Cursing Up a Storm

Hubby is cursing up a storm watching the England vs. Ecuador game. Some samplings: "You sons-of-bitches, you deserve to lose!" When Ecuador didn't make a goal. Or "The referees have it in for South America!" Or "F_ _ _ king England won!" Or "Bunch of biiiatches!" Referring to England, of course. Or "Bunch of bastards, now they qualify!" Again, referring to England. Or, or, or...


Added more decorative pieces to Gi's room. I think the theme is turning out to be garden-like (flowers and insects). Also purchased a large area rug for the room so Gigi can play on something softer than the ceramic tiles. The evolution of the room continues. Stay tune.

Friday, June 23, 2006


Just finished my first wall decoration for Gigi's room. I bought some wooden letters that spell out her name, painted them and hung them up with a pretty ribbon. I am crazy for letters and words. I have other wooden decorative objects that need to be painted also. Slowly but surely, her room to coming to life. By the way, Angelina (Gigi) is named in honor of her maternal grandfather, Angelo. Hubby adored his grandfather and always has fond memories of him.


Our friends' dog, Quincy, passed away suddenly last night. We are so sad for her and her hubby. Hubs and I are dog people also. We dread the day that we have to say goodbye to Fifi and Taffy. Fifi is a rescued greyhound. And our Taffy has been with the family since 1993. She is also a rescued dog, a Heinz 57. My mom adores the dogs also. She comes over about three times a week just to visit the dogs. She always had a container of freshly made chicken breast and rice for them. Dogs are great companions and generally bring happiness to any home. Note Fifi and Taffy lounging around.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Just finished assembling the last piece of furniture for Gi's room. This trunk was actually the easiest to put together. Hubby, of course, came in to check my workmanship. I don't sew but I can put furniture together! My hands are rather sore from putting in all the screws. I think they are actually too sore to cook tonight (hee, hee). Maybe hubs will reward my diligent efforts and take me out for sushi...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Oprah and Bon Bons

Who says that lazy summer days are spent watching Oprah and eating bon bons? Just spent six hours putting together the dresser/changing table for the Gigster. Got to hand it to IKEA. The assembly instruction they provide is only pictorial and, surprisingly, very understandable. No confusing directions written in 20 different languages. Truly universal for mechanical dummies like me. I'm going to have to gloat a little bit when hubs gets home from the office. I'm sure he'll be checking my workmanship. Oh, by the way, I assembled it in the baby's room. Don't want a repeat of Monday night.

Short Visit

Well, it was so wonderful to spend a couple of days with my big sis and bro-in-law. They are on their way back up to Tally this morning. We enjoyed a nice home-cooked breakfast together with lots of yummy iced coffee. Perhaps the next time we will be together again will be our trip to China to meet Gigi and see our grandmother. Can't wait! Love ya, Sis! You're going to be an auntie!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

First Secret Pal Gifts

Got my first secret pal gifts today. She sent me a cool ladybug magnet and bookmark. The card was lovely. It looked like it was hand stamped. I have hung the delicate ribbon bookmark on Gigi's crib. Thank you, Secret Pal. It's a pleasure to get the mail now.

We Are Dunces

Hubs and I felt particularly ambitious last night at 10:30 and decided to assemble the crib that we ordered from IKEA. So we methodically laid all the pieces of hardware and parts out on the living room floor. By 11:45 p.m. the crib was assembled and we were ready to transport it to Gigi's freshly painted room. And we lived happily ever after that. WRONG!!! The pride and sense of accomplishment hubs and I heaped on ourselves quickly dissipated into thin air. No matter how we angled the crib, positioned our tired bodies, cursed or prayed to the door frame goddess for just an 1/8 of an inch more, the crib tenaciously held on to its position just outside the doorway. You know what happens next. Yeah, that's right. So with sweats of frustration pouring down our dejected faces and backs, we disassembled the crib and carried all the parts into Gi's room. Is this what it feels like when Brazil loses a soccer match to Argentina??? Fast forward to 12:40 a.m. Beloved crib is reassembled and sitting pretty in Gi's room. O.k., children, what is the lesson for today? That's right. Assemble baby furniture IN the baby's room. And preferably way before your bedtime. You just might experience fewer stubbed toes, hammering-induced throbbing fingers and heated, expletive-filled exchanges with spouse.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Work in Progress

Score!!! Thank goodness Brazil defeated Australia yesterday. I would not be able to stand hub's long, dejected face if the game went any other way. Oh, by the way, he was still not too impressed with the 2-0 score. Apparently Brazilian standard for a winning game is much different then us, mere mortals. According to hubs, Brazil not only has to defeat the opposing team by one or two goals but must do it in style and in complete blow-out fashion. Whatever. Now, onto other stuff unrelated to soccer. Gigi's room is a work in progress. It has been painted sunshiney yellow. Hubby is refinishing the grout in there so it doesn't look like a restaurant's kitchen floor. Big sis and bro-in-law are visiting right now. Big sis has generously offered to make the curtains for Gi's room. Found a really groovy, eye-popping fabric that screams cool, sixties chick. The fabric mistress at Jo-Ann's sweetly commented that I was very brave for making this selection. What do you think?
Note Mom and me holding the fabric up for a trail run.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Brazil Plays Today

Soccer Nut a.k.a hubby actually wore his "official" Brazilian soccer jersey to work today. Imagine the lime green and sunshiney yellow paired with a dull, worn pair of khakis. He must have been quite the fashionista at the office today. When he came home, I inquired about the match between Brazil and Croatia today. With equal parts amazement and hurt, he wanted to know why I didn't watch the game today. Do I tell him the truth---the Food Network was more entertaining or lie? Um, just give me a red card, hubs.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

World Cup Lingo

Hubby has gone waaay too far! He now finds it amusing to use soccer lingo to annoy me. Case in point. If I happen to walk past the tv while he is watching the WC, he yells out "Yellow card, Ana!" Or when I attempt to change the channel because he is dozing off, he will miraculously open his eyes and yell, "That's a red card, Ana! Refer to rule #2!" He must think his name is Ronaldo.

Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup Widow

My friend, Kristen, suggested that this subject would be a good blog. So here it goes. For those of you who don't know yet, the World Cup has started. Yes, I am now officially a soccer widow. Hubby is an avid soccer nut---must be the Brazilian upbringing. From now until the first few weeks of July, all men outside of the United States and a few within will be glued to their tv following the World Cup. Hubby even brought home a list of WC rules, courtesy of his friend, David, that dutiful wives are to follow. Here are a few samplings.
*If I have to pass in front of the tv, he doesn't mind as long as I crawl on the floor without distracting him.
*I will be allowed to use the tv between 12:00 am and 6:00 am unless they replay a good game that he missed during the day.
*During a game, he will be blind, deaf and mute unless he needs a refill on his drink or needs something to eat.
*I am to tell my friends NOT to have any babies or any other child related parties that require his attendance because he WILL NOT go. But if his friend invites us to his house to watch the game on Sunday, we are to be there in a flash.
And my favorite...
*If I see him upset because one of his teams is losing, I am NOT to say "Get over it. It's only a game." Or say "Don't worry, they will win next time." If I say these things, he will only get angrier and love me less. I am to remember that I will never ever know more about soccer than him and my "words of encouragement" will only lead to a breakup or divorce.

Note goofy husband in Brazilian and German soccer jersies. This will be his daily home attire for the next month or so. It would be his office attire too if it wasn't for that gosh darn it, irksome dress code.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Our Cousin

Wonderful news! Hubs and I just found out that our cousin in Massachusetts is also adopting a baby from China. We are so happy for her! She is currently compiling her dossier and is, understandably, frustrated and overwhelmed with the paperwork. We wish her lots of smooth sailing as she continues paperchasing.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Gigi's Furniture

Was not impressed with Baby Love. Felt like a used car lot when we were walking around looking at all the different baby products. The sales people were right on top of you when you didn't need help. When you did need help or had some questions, they were nowhere to be found. The prices were not very competitive either. We will probably order most of the major items (stroller, car seat, high chair, etc.) online---no shipping fees or taxes---yeah! Anyway, here is a picture of the baby's furniture we ordered online from IKEA a few months back. Hubby will need to put it together. His honeydo list is getting longer and longer...

Baby Love

Finally convinced hubby to go with me to Baby Love---"52,000 square feet of love for your baby." I've been approaching baby stores with some trepidation. It can be so overwhelming looking at all of the baby products that are out there---some being necessary and others just plain indulgences. I'm hoping to find the stroller and car seat that we have our hearts set on. Wish us luck!

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