Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Harvest Moon Festival

Our PBChina group held a Harvest Moon Festival tonight in West Palm Beach. A good time was had by all. So many adorable adopted sons and daughters from China. Many of them were wearing their traditional Chinese outfits. There was an entertaining magic show geared toward the young audience. Hubs tasted his first piece of moon cake tonight! Here's some information about the history and tradition of the Harvest Moon Festival.

The Lady - Chang Er
The time of this story is around 2170 B.C. The earth once had ten suns circling over it, each took its turn to illuminate to the earth. But one day all ten suns appeared together, scorching the earth with their heat. The earth was saved by a strong and tyrannical archer Hou Yi. He succeeded in shooting down nine of the suns. One day, Hou Yi stole the elixir of life from a goddess. However his beautiful wife Chang Er drank the elixir of life in order to save the people from her husband's tyrannical rule. After drinking it, she found herself floating and flew to the moon. Hou Yi loved his divinely beautiful wife so much, he didn't shoot down the moon.

II. The Man - Wu Kang
Wu Kang was a shiftless fellow who changed apprenticeships all the time. One day he decided that he wanted to be an immortal. Wu Kang then went to live in the mountains where he importuned an immortal to teach him. First the immortal taught him about the herbs used to cure sickness, but after three days his characteristic restlessness returned and he asked the immortal to teach him something else. So the immortal to teach him chess, but after a short while Wu Kang's enthusiasm again waned. Then Wu Kang was given the books of immortality to study. Of course, Wu Kang became bored within a few days, and asked if they could travel to some new and exciting place. Angered with Wu Kang's impatience, the master banished Wu Kang to the Moon Palace telling him that he must cut down a huge cassia tree before he could return to earth. Though Wu Kang chopped day and night, the magical tree restored itself with each blow, and thus he is up there chopping still.

III. The Hare - Jade Rabbit
In this legend, three fairy sages transformed themselves into pitiful old men and begged for something to eat from a fox, a monkey and a rabbit. The fox and the monkey both had food to give to the old men, but the rabbit, empty-handed, offered his own flesh instead, jumping into a blazing fire to cook himself. The sages were so touched by the rabbit's sacrifice that they let him live in the Moon Palace where he became the "Jade Rabbit."

IV. The Cake - Moon Cake
During the Yuan dynasty (A.D.1280-1368) China was ruled by the Mongolian people. Leaders from the preceding Sung dynasty (A.D.960-1280) were unhappy at submitting to foreign rule, and set how to coordinate the rebellion without it being discovered. The leaders of the rebellion, knowing that the Moon Festival was drawing near, ordered the making of special cakes. Backed into each moon cake was a message with the outline of the attack. On the night of the Moon Festival, the rebels successfully attacked and overthrew the government. What followed was the establishment of the Ming dynasty (A.D. 1368-1644). Today, moon cakes are eaten to commemorate this legend.


Wow, my counsins in San Francisco recently sent me 15 fabric squares! A big thanks to them. Also received two lovely squares and wonderful wishes from the DeLuna and Schickel families. Many thanks to them also. I think we are past the forty mark now!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Our Friends Are Back!

Last night was most exciting!!! Hubs and I and a group of our adoption friends drove down to the airport to greet our friends, Wendy and Ed and their beautiful daughter, Samantha. All of us had been planning this "event" for several weeks and couldn't wait to see the brand new family. Another couple blessed with a angel from China!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Another Wonderful Square

Thank you, Bev, for the wonderful square and fantastic wish. I love how you cut the fabric into pieces to create an illustration on the inside of the card. I miss working with you!

It's All for Gi

Look at what my super duper secret pal sent for Gigi this month. I love Pooh! He is such a gentle and peaceful character. I would always want those qualities for Gi. The picture frame is really cool. Mickey can swivel back and forth with a little push. Can't wait to put a picture of my sweet Gi in it. The card, once again, is wonderful and looks to be handcrafted. Thank you, secret pal!

Pretty in Pink Squares

A big thank you to the Squillace, Doon and Costa Families for their wonderfully girly squares and lovely wishes.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Great Visit

Last evening, Kristen and I got an opportunity to visit a fellow adoptive parent who recently came home with her daughter, Alexandra. We were both tickled pink watching sweet Alexandra in her mama's arms. She would occasionally flash us a two-teeth grin which made her chubby cheeks even more cherubic. Alexandra's mom gave us a wealth of information and ideas about her recent trip to China to bring her baby home. I'm looking forward to hearing about Ed and Wendy's experience when they come back from China at the end of the month.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Ran Home Today

Today I hurried home so I could log in and check out our fellow adoptive friends' blog. Wendy and Ed united with their baby daughter today! She is a tiny bundle of crying adorableness. Ed and Wendy seem very happy in the picture. I can't wait to greet them at the airport. Each family that we know who brings their baby daughter home gives me hope and cheers me up during this long wait.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

It's Coming Along

A big thank you to the Carroll and Winter-Casicari family. Look at these great squares.

Port Charlotte

Hubs and I grabbed my parents today and took a leisurely trip to Port Charlotte to check out a piece of land that the parental units had purchased ages ago. On our way back, we discovered this little winery in the town of Alva on state road 80. Hubs and Pop had a wine tasting for only $2.50 per person! Their wine is made from a type of grape that was developed by the University of Florida. It can withstand the south Florida heat and a certain type of grape-eating bug. They even make a carambola wine. Even though we are not big wine drinkers, we just had to purchase several bottles. Who can resist a small family-run winery business??? Our next stop was a "country" diner in Labelle with an interesting name, Flora and Ella's Home of Those Famous Pies. Mediocre comfort food but very yummy homemade pies. This little diner had the biblical ten commandments posted right by the entrance and the obligatory gum-snapping waitress serving up southern charm. Hubs and I ended the day discussing the merits of little trips like these that make the wait for Gigi more enjoyable.

Hubs is 41

Hubs just celebrated his 41st birthday yesterday. We went to our go-to restaurant for all birthdays and anniversaries, 32 East. He ordered a foie gras appetizer and has not stopped raving about it since. This is the same man that swears to me that he detests liver of any kind. Now he has revised his no-liver list. Goose and duck liver that instantly melt in your mouth, good. Chicken and beef liver, still yucky bad. Hmm, how do you feel about stewed chicken feet, hubs?

Monday, September 11, 2006

More Squares Coming

I just received a pleasant surprise. My cousin from San Francisco called to tell me that she and her sister are sending their square soon. My cousin also adopted a baby girl from China. Her daughter is now a bright and beautiful nine year old. Cousin M reassured me that once we have Gigi in our arms, the wait will have been well worth it. I believe her!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Squares from Family

Just received my first two squares from family members on hubs' side. My mother-in-law, Gi's grandmother, did something beautiful. She had Gi's name embroidered on the fabric square. What a treat! Hubs' cousin on the west coast of Florida also sent a long strip of fabric. I think I will be able to make several squares out of that. Hugs and kisses for Lydia, Joe and the Miranda family. Keep them coming family and friends!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Check These Out, Sis!

My sister has already started her research on how to make a simple quilt. Bless her for taking on this big project. My friend, Kiyoe, who lives in Japan sent Gi the most elegant square and other beautiful hand crafted items such as a purse and a card. Thank you to the Nguyen, Kuhns, Scott and Kii families. The latest count is 25 squares. Seventy-five to go!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Almost 20

Tonight, I received my 17th and 18th quilt squares from my good neighbors, Susie and Thuy. Many thanks, ladies!

Peanut Island Fun

Just wanted to thank our friend, Dennis, for inviting us to go boating to Peanut Island yesterday. It was a blast! Hubs, a part-time adrenalin junkie, was tubing every chance he got. O.k., you're wondering what does tubing have to do with hubs being in this get-up. Well, at about 2:30, the forecast of 70% chance of thunderstorm decided to come true. All of us huddled under this pavilion for safety as the rain poured and the wind whipped through the island. Our friend, Kim (center), became very cold. Hubs, being a gentleman, offered his towel to her. This, of course, left hubs shirtless and cold. So he donned on my sundress and hat for a temporary reprieve. Where is hubs' shirt? He has no idea. Somehow he lost track of it between getting on the boat and getting back to the marina. The same goes for his sunglasses. It's a good thing he kept his swim trunks on!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Apple of My Eye

Got two super cute outfits for Gi today. Shhh, don't tell hubs! The apple hoodie is water resistant. The dress is just so appropriate for Gi. After all, she is going to be the daughter of a school teacher.

Boo Hoo Hoo Hoo

Just got an email back from the childmatch manager of our adoption agency. The timeline for an expedited referral has extended to 9 months now. If that holds true, hubs and I may not travel till around March or April of 2007. Trying to look on the positive side. Let's see...
1. more time to save $$$ for the adoption
2. more time to decorate Gi's room
3. more time for big sis to finish the quilt
4. more date nights with hubs
5. more time to read parenting books
6. more time for hubs to perfect the perfect Gi-cam monitoring system
7. more time to get our chubby tushes in shape
8. more time for Fifi and Taffy to be the babies in the family
9. more time to research baby products
10. more time to sleep, sleep, sleep

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