Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Sunday, February 05, 2012


Ok, I would like to thank my friend, Lisa, for kicking my hiney into gear.  It's been awhile since I posted.  I believe the rules of the nomination are I must thank my nominator and then share seven things about myself that others may not be aware of.  I've met the first requirement and now I proceed with the second. 

1.  Remember Brooke Sheilds from the height of her popularity in the late seventies and eighties?  Well, I used to covet those eyebrows.  I would lock myself in my bathroom, take my pencil and draw a unibrow on myself.  It didn't even dawn on me to use a brow pencil instead of my No. 2 pencil.  Yeah, that's how clever I was.

2.  I speak Chinglish and bad Chinglish at that.  Except for my family most non-Chinese speakers who hear me converse in Chinese think I'm devinely fluent.  What they are actually hearing is a level of Cantonese that most Hong Kong grade schoolers would tease and guffaw about endlessly.  Sorry, Gi, I'm afraid weekend Chinese school is in your near future.

3.  When hubby snores exceptionally loud I squeeze his nostrils shut until the noise stops.  What?  Like you've never done this before.  I'm certain it creates no lasting brain damage.  He's fine.  Really.

4.  I secretly wish to be a hip fashionable mom but know that I'm not even remotely orbiting around that galaxy.  My jeans never fit flatteringly on my 45 year old body.  Could it be that my muffin top is bigger than my legs are long?  Help, Stacey and Clinton!!!

5.  I dream of living in a quiet rural area leaving the hustle and bustle of south Florida behind.  Calling all North Carolina mountain cabins---one LAN system anlyst, school teacher and sassy pants ready for immediate occupancy!

6.  I fancy opening up my own homey cafe serving my fave desserts and coffee.  I could bake my days away while hubby entertained the patrons.

7.  I didn't feel strongly maternal until well into my thirties.  Late bloomer I guess.  Never was too disappointed that I didn't have a bio child.  Look what the universe brought us---Gi---the eternal ray of sunshine in our life.

There you have it.  The selective confessions of an adoptive mom.  Thank you, Lisa, for listing me as one of your nominees. 

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Christmas Holiday 2011

Munch with some toys from Santa

posing for Auntie Sara in her "Santa" dress

posing for Auntie Sara

                                                                     with Poh Poh

with Gon Gon

                                                  posing with Santa at Miss Donna's house

                                                               Santa really did come!!!

               sharing a strawberry shake with Daddy at the grand opening of Gimme-a-Burger

                             Uncle Mark and Auntie Sara visit with Vovo Joe Joe at the rehab center

               Uncle Mark is the greatest!  He painted a mural of a mermaid in Gi's bathroom.

                                 visit to the Norton Museum of Art---thanks Auntie Jessie

                             enjoying a nice Cuban dinner with Uncle Mark and Auntie Sara

Christmas day dinner

                                           picking strawberries and tomatoes at a local farm

Monday, December 26, 2011

Bikinis and Underwear

Several days ago the three of us are saying good-bye to our good friends who are backing out of our driveway to head home.  Hubby skips on over to the mailbox to retrieve our mail.  Munch is in my arms waving wildly to her buddy, Alex, as he drives away with his daddy.  Hubby then skims through the various postal pieces and suddenly pauses at the Victoria Secret holiday catalog clutched in his hands.  We chuckle at how the catalog is addressed to him as hubby flips through the pages.  Then, unexpectedly, Munch squirms out of my arms, lands on her feet, snatches the catalog out of Hubby's hands and races back into the house all the while exclaiming that she wants that "book." Hubs and I look at each other in momentary disbelief, snicker loudly then head on in also.   A block of time elapses and Munch is still quiet and presumably in her room.  I stick my head in expecting to see Munch engaged in some play activity.  What I saw equally shocked and amused me.  The scenario has Munch kneeling against her bed slowly and meticulously turning each and every page of the VS catalog that she placed on top of her mattress.  So engrossed she was with the glamourous content, she didn't even notice my intruding head by her doorway.  I report back to Hubs of this peculiar incident.  We both have a good laugh and think no more of it.  Day 2---we catch Munch AGAIN quietly perusing the catalog then daintily placing the revered booklet on her shelf where she keeps all things loved and cherished.  Still Hubs and I keep quiet. Day 3---I am working on the computer as Munch sashays in with the catalog in her tiny hands.  She parks herself beside my chair, opens the catalog to the shoe section (yes, people, I didn't know this but VS actually sells shoes among other things).  "Mommy which shoes do you like the best?"  I point to a pair of brown flat boots.  "Those are nice, Mommy.  Do you know which pair Vovo Lydia likes?"  I shake my head prompting an all-knowing smile from Gi.  "She likes these, Mommy."  Munch then points to a pair of stilleto heeled thigh high boots in turquois suede.  Really?  Would my 80 year old MIL actually select such a pair of shoes?  And why is my daughter whipping out the catalog to share with various family members without Hubs and I even noticing such as act?  No longer able to contain my curosity I ask Munch why she likes the booklet so much.  "Cause, Mommy, I love bikinis and underwear and and and this book has lots of bikinis and underwear."  Why, of course! Bikinis and underwear.  Why didn't I see the logic in this (not)?  Munch rushes out of the room and comes back several minutes later wearing considerably less clothes.  She has now donned a mismatched bikini set.  Extending her arms out to the sides and bending one knee, Munch proclaims---"See, Mommy,  I love bikinis and underwear!"

Friday, December 16, 2011


Wednesday nights have become girls night for Munch and I.  Daddy plays basketball with his co-workers then heads over to Vovo Lydia to have dinner with her.  So Munch and I are left to do our mommy-daughter thing once a week.   This past Wednesday night, Gi and I are munching on our mac-n-cheese and shooting the breeze about school.  I ask her what is her favorite thing to do there.

Hey, tell Mommy what's your favorite thing to do in class.

Ah, Mommy, I like eating lunch with all my friends.

Uh, ok, well what is your next favorite thing?

Going out to the park (Gi-ism for playground).

Oh really.  Ok, what is your next favorite thing to do other than lunch and playground time?

Hmmm, I like going home with you, Mommy.  Oh and I like math and science too.

Whew!  I breathed a big sigh of relief when Munch finally mentioned an academic subject.  Here I am thinking my daughter will list her favorite subject matters like reading, math, computers, etc.  But noooo she gives me lunch, playground, and going home.  In that order.  Really???  Doesn't she know that she is the daughter of a teacher?   Oh such priorities five year olds have!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Ok, how goofy is my daughter???  Only in south Florida can you throw on a bathing suit and play in the spa before the big Thanksgiving dinner.

another try at a family shot

There is nothing like a deep fried turkey that has been sitting in an apple cider brine for two days.  The Barefoot Contessa's spicy sausage dressing is delish.

Many thanks to Auntie Jessie for the yummy pies.  Vovo Lydia brought over decadent brigadeiros. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Already???

Gosh, is it really the end of October already?  Halloween is just around the corner.   A lot has happened since my last check-in.   My dear father-in-law suffered a stroke back in late September and is still under daily medical care.  He is making progress.  I have no doubt that he will get back to his baseline and continue to dish out his special brand of Portuguese stubborness for years to come.  Speedy recovery, Vovo Joe Joe!

Gon Gon is under house arrest DeOliveira style.  He is under our care and supervision while Poh Poh lives it up for a month in Macau.  While Gon Gon spends his days with us, Poh Poh is enjoying her extended visit with her mom and family in the gambling capital of the East.  Wishing Poh Poh safe return to us in mid November.

As for Munch, she is officially 32 lbs and 39 3/4 inches.  Whew, finally on the charts at 19th percentile!  She's girlie as ever and still sporting her favorite accessory---sassiness.  At the ripe old age of five, Munch now needs to wear glasses for classroom activities due to a little bit of astigmatism.  No worries though.  She loves her Barbie glasses - one in pink and one in teal blue.

Hubs is great although a bit on the tired side what with worrying about his dad for the last several weeks. On the up side, Vovo Lydia is driving again after many years of being driven around. After two refresher courses with a professional instructor, Vovo Lydia is out and about in her red Jetta. She drives to the rehab center everyday to keep my FIL company. Vroom, vroom, Vovo Lydia, we are so proud of you!

bratty witch of the East

getting ready to go trick-a-treating in downtown Delray Beach

my little Einstein

getting ready for the walkathon at her school

enjoying some Italian ice after the walkathon

class pic on walkathon day

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's My Birthday...

Have you ever heard this come out of a grown man's mouth consistently for four days straight?  If you have you are likely bobbing your head up and down sympathizing with me right now.  If you haven't you are cautiously not married or are lucky enough to have snatched yourself a modest sensible spouse.  Hubby started his birthday weekend this past Thursday (the actual date of his birthday) by taking some time off from work.  And like an out-of-control runaway train, Hubby worked his birthday to his advantage.

Ana, it's my birthday.  Do I have to finish the dishes tonight?

It's my birthday.  Can you make me some tea?  My throat hurts.

I need to sleep in.  Please don't wake me up early cause it's my birthday.

Ooo, ooo rub my back please... it's my birthday.

Can we have steak tonight?  It's birthday weekend after all.

Honey, give Gi a bath tonight please please.  You can do it this one time since it's my birthday.

Gi, it's Daddy's birthday...go get me a beer from the fridge, ok?

This morning, Munch wakes up and sleepily asks me if birthday weekend is over.  With great relief I let her know that her daddy is back to his regularly scheduled programming.  One year older and decidedly just as annoying but we love you to pieces, Daddy-O.