Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Monday, July 31, 2006

Big Congrats!

Big congratulations go out to Ed and Wendy. They just received their referral today! Hubs and I are indescribably happy for them. Their little girl is about 9 months old and from Hunan. Can't wait to see the picture and hear more glorious details. Yeah!!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

CCAI Parents of the Year

Was reading our adoption agency's website yesterday. The founders of our agency, Joshua Zhong and Lily Nie were bestowed the honor of Parents of the Year for the state of Colorado. That is way cool! It's nice to know that we are in good hands.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Things We Hear

Hubs and I are members of a local China adoption support group. We have met some great people through this organization and look forward to seeing them every month. When we get together, we sometimes talk about the inappropriate comments and advice we get from others who are not adopting and don't have a working knowledge of international adoption. Although these comments are made with good intentions and a sincere desire to help, they can sometimes be annoying to the adopting parents. Here are some examples we have encountered since we started our journey to Gigi.
1. Hubs and I were at a friend's party earlier this year when one of the guests there found out that we were adopting. She happily congratulated us and proceeded to ask what was physically wrong with us that kept us from conceiving a baby on our own.
2. A close friend of hubs jokingly called the baby every conceivable stereotypical Chinese name for a long period of time when we told him that we were adopting. This continued even after we informed him that the baby would be named Gigi.
3. A co-worker and I were chatting on the phone yesterday. The topic of how quickly children grow came up. I commented on how I would be starting parenthood in my forties and my co-worker light-heartedly said, "You should have bought your baby sooner." Then she added, "But that's o.k."
4. When we told a close family member that we had decided to adopt from China, her initial response was, "Oh, but why?'' "I always wanted my granddaughter to have blue Chinese eyes." "Have you guys considered adopting a Brazilian baby?"
5. A friend asked me if I got to choose the baby that I wanted from China. When I told her no, she earnestly asked, "But what if the baby you get is ugly?"
6. Another friend, rubbing his thumb, index and middle fingers together, the universal gesture for money, asked if we were spending big bucks on the adoption.
7. And then we get the countless advice of making sure that the baby that we are matched with doesn't have any diseases like HIV, hepatitis, mental retardation, etc. This litany of advice continues even after we assure them that the CCAA and our adoption agency work very hard to inform parents of a baby's medical condition. Sometimes, it's almost like some of our family members, friends and co-workers insist on treating us like we are foolishly diving into an empty pool head first.
8. Lastly, we always get the doom-n-gloom adoption stories from people we know and people we don't know very well. It usually starts out like this. "I knew a couple who adopted and they got a baby with blah, blah, blah condition."

The Exception
The three people who steadfastly understand our journey to Gigi are my sis, B-I-L and our friend, Jessica. B-I-L once wrote to me that if every parent adopted a child, the world would be a better place. Our good friend, Jessica, has been nothing but upbeat and positive about our adoption journey. She has already put dibs on the "auntie" that most spoils Gigi. I want to thank them for having faith in us, the adoption process and understanding our leap of faith. The road to Gigi is an act of love, a desire to start a family and a giant leap of faith for us.

Our Humble Proclaimation
To our family and friends who understand the complexity of international adoption and our journey to Gigi, thank you for your continued support. We find much comfort in that.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Just visited the online store for ChinaSprout. Lots of Chinese apparel for kids and adults. Their blouses, jackets and Mandarin dresses are beautiful and many are on sale also. However, their sizes tend to run on the smaller side, not many for chunky-monkeys like me. Still was able to order a couple of jackets and blouses to wear for when we celebrate Chinese new year with Gi.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Current Status

FYI for our family and friends---we will be going into the 3rd month of our waiting period for a child match. The expected waiting period is still around 6 - 7 months. There is a possibility that it could be longer. Keep checking this blog for the latest update. In the mean time, hubs and I are just waiting, waiting, waiting...

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sling Practice

Our friends, Josh and Vanessa, were kind enough to let me hold their newborn in my sling. I was a bit nervous not having had a real baby in the sling before. Once she was in the sling, it felt very natural and comforting. I thank them for trusting me and allowing me to experience this.

Friday, July 21, 2006

More Ron-isms

The latest one from hubs:

Moron Blundo---Marlon Brando (hubby uttered this while we were watching a Superman movie)

My friend's hubby has a few of his own.
1. voyagers---voyeurs (as in someone looking through a window)
2. synonym---cinnamon

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Side Tracked

My goal today was to go down to Boca, pick up my mammogram and head straight back home to do some household chores. Right. Didn't happen. On my way home, I saw a Pier 1 for kids on Glades Road. It was like Pier 1 was a giant piece of metal and I was a hunk of magnet. Within minutes I was inside the store with sensory overload. So many adorable things I could buy for Gi! No, it's not what you think. I did not even come close to maxing out the ole credit card. However, I did get Gi her first food play set with child size kitchen utensils. It's all made out of solid wood. The kind that you can actually pass down to the next generation. Nothing like good ole fashion wooden toys! Refusing to come down from my "shopping for Gi high" I asked the Pier 1 sales associate if there were any other kid stores near by. Of course there are. It's Boca after all. So off I went to Bellini and Bombay Kids. Bellini---way over priced for our budget and too pastel. Bombay Kids---cool stuff but not very many variations in color. Saw a neat chaise in there but only came in metallic gray. Four hours later, I'm back home. What was meant to be a 30 minute errand turned into a half day event for Gigi stuff.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's Too Cute!

Just wanted to show my family and friends more adorable gifts that my CCAI secret pal has sent me. I adore the little dress and bathing suit! Thank you, Secret Pal.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


My good friend, Jessica, suggested that I share some of the highlights of hubby's linguistic genius. My family and friends know it as Ron-isms---phrases and euphemisms that hubby butchers while saying them in English. Portuguese is his first language. I know one day I will make millions publishing all the Ron-isms that I hear everyday into a coffee table book. So here are a few samplings. The first part is how he says it in English. The second part is the translation or explanation.

1. Ja Ja Gabor----Zsa Zsa Gabor
2. Bucket of Chucks---Church's Fried Chicken
3. I smell beef!---commenting about himself after coming out of a steakhouse
4. Bone-Ass---Bonus S fertilizer (yes, hubs actually went up to a garden center employee at Home Depot and asked where he could find the Bone-Ass)
5. Peneses---pennies
6. Turd---third
7. McVomit---McDonald's
8. Shop-n-Crap---Shop and Stop (name of popular convenience store in Massachusettes)
9. Taco Hell---Taco Bell
10. I'd be poopen---ibuprophen (Motrin)
11. Massacrupits---Massachusettes
12. Fall Hivie---Fall River (where hubs lived for 10 years before moving to FL)
13. Handiscrap---handicapp
14. She's ugly, stupid and dummy---hubs way of expressing an actress' lack of talent
15. Bracko, bracko!---breaker, breaker! (you know, when you talk on a cb radio)
16. You're going to get a beat!---you're going to get a beating!
17. Duck Face---Penelope Cruz (Hubs thinks this actress looks like a duck)
18. I was taking a dump and I had this idea...---many times hubs has come of the bathroom saying this.
19. Fag Rag---fag hag
20. You want a piss of this???---You want a piece of this???
21. Texican---person from Texas
22. Cubican---person from Cuba
23. You're a hooker!---You're a ringer! (Hubs blurted this out while playing poker with a friend who was obviously more skilled than he was)
24. Penis soup---peanut soup
25. I'm going to make a log---I'm going to get a log for the fire
26. Ana loves the tongue---Ana has had a tongue sandwich before at a deli
27. Stupidvisor---supervisor
28. I'm very observirit---I'm very observant
29. Dee lick ca see---delicacy
30. Orange grapefruit juice---orange juice
31. Booker---bookie
32. Do you have itchy ass?---hubs asked this after getting his shorts wet and was not able to change his clothes
33. Pumping ass---pompous ass
34. Boob biggies---big boobies
35. This tv has rocks---this tv has balls
36. Subistitute---substitute
37. Dennis's---Denny's restuarant
38. I hurt my toe!---I hurt my thumb!
39. I'm officially awake!---an announcement hubs likes to make when he gets out of bed
40. I'm not changing your clostomy bag---what hubs likes to say to his good buddy
41. Pee Pee---Fifi (name of our dog)
42. Dad, you're retarded now---Dad, you're retired now.
43. Dunkin Vomit---Dunkin Donut
44. Half and half or black and white---what hubs says when ordering a black and tan beer
45. Ass Felt---asphalt
46. Don't go there, boyfriend---don't go there, girlfriend
47. Is the Catholic pope?---Is the pope Catholic?
48. Ray bye---rabbi

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Curtains Up

Big thanks again to my big sis, Sara, for making Gi's curtains. I finally put them up. Her room is grooving!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Little Bit of Caribbean for Gigi

Picked up a handmade Haitian cloth doll for Gi. On one side is a happy face. The flip side is a sad face. Thought it was very cute. Also did a little picture for Gi during an art workshop on board the last day of the cruise. The instructor guided us on how to color the lizard in the tradition of a Panamanian matriarchical group of people. He informed us that daughters were highly valued in this particular group of people living in Panama. The women of this group made clothing out of fabric that they dye in bright, busy designs. Thought this was a very good omen for Gi. She will always be highly valued in my and hubby's life.

Back From the Lap of Luxury IX

Our last port of call was Cozmel, Mexico. Hubs decided to roam the streets of Cozmel bargaining with the local vendors while I attended a Mexican cuisine work shop at Praia Mia. In the first picture is Javier, the chef who taught us how to make some authentic Mexican dishes. There were only nine participants so we each had our own work station. Menu for that day was Mexican sopes, grouper filet with mango sauce and stuffed banana pepper and Mexican rice pudding with cookie tower. Javier not only taught us how to prepare the dishes but also how to plate the food. We ate what we made. And it was yummy for my tummy! Great excursion! I would recommend it for any foodie who might sail to Cozmel for a little R&R.

Back From the Lap of Luxury VIII

Every night we sat with a very fun couple, Louise and David, for dinner. They are newlyweds from Las Vegas, where hubs and I got married! We thoroughly enjoyed dining with them. We wish them much love and happiness in their new lives together.

Back From the Lap of Luxury VII

This was our second formal night on the cruise. Hubs kept blinking every time I tried to snap a picture of him. So we finally decided to have him look into the mirror instead of the camera. The ship had over $200,000,000 of original art work displayed throughout. The formal dining room looked like a page from an opulent French ballet house. We, being first time cruisers, were very impressed.

Back From the Lap of Luxury VI

Our third port of call was Georgetown, Cayman Islands. We bought several bottles of rum on this island. Saw lots of Tortuga rum cakes for sale. The CI is where you can join an excursion and swim with stingrays! Of course, being the foodie that I am, I wanted to sample some of their local treats. Ate a delicious, hot-from-the-oven Jamaican pattie that was made in a local bakery that also made their own rum cake. Sale of vanilla extract everywhere! As hubs and I walked further into the downtown area, we witnessed three local police officers issuing a parking citation to a local woman. The lady was so outraged at receiving the ticket that she whipped out her little notebook, wrote down the names of the three officers and confidently told them that her boss, the education minister, will take care of the matter. She heatedly claimed that she had to park where she was because she was doing work for the education minister. As the lady continued to argue with the officers, hubs was secretly hoping to witness a little hancuff and arrest action. Didn't happen. After the angry woman drove off, we continued our self-directed walking tour. Saw a couple of restaurants that tickled our funny bones. A MacDonald's that sold chicken. A seaside restaurant that served turtle soup. I didn't try the turtle soup---had just come off the ship with a belly full of food.

Back From the Lap of Luxury V

Notice the menu items listed in the little-hole-in-wall restaurant/convenience store we patronized in Jamaica. That's right, curry goat is not the only tasty delicacy offered. Care for a little cow's head soup today?

Back From the Lap of Luxury IV

Our second port of call was Ochos Rios, Jamaica. Also very hot!!! The exchange rate is $1 (US) to $64 (Jamaican). Notice the price of gas and fast food advertised. I bought this big slab of rum raisin cake from a local bakery on the main street. So yummy! Also tried curry goat in a little hole-in-the-wall that also doubled as a convenience store. Pretty tasty for goat! Hubby was afraid that I would get sick from eating the curry goat. But I never did, luckily. Also visited the straw market and saw a stall that made the famous Jamaican steel drums. We were surprised to see a Chinese restaurant that served dim sum. Didn't try it, though.

Back From the Lap of Luxury III

Our first port of call was Labadee, Haiti. Very hot!!! The water was beautiful and refreshing to swim in. The local merchants were very aggressive. The cruise ship provided a lovely bbq lunch on the island. Hubs and I ate with a beautiful view of the beach and a continuous island breeze. It was heavenly. Afterwards, hubby was sooo tired from eating, shopping, and swimming he just had to take a siesta in a hammock on the beach. Yeah, it's a tough life!

Back From the Lap of Luxury II

Getting ready for our first formal night on the cruise. Was able to convince hubs to wear a tie and suit. Hubs took a picture of me applying my make-up with my hair pulled back using the handles of two pens. I had forgotten to bring barretts for my hair. I brought everything else though.
Fabulous dining! Great service! Our waiter was from Thailand. Our assistant waiter was from Jamaica. And the head waiter was from Europe.

Back From the Lap of Luxury I

Our first day on Royal Caribbean's Navigator of the Seas.
Safety first then it was off to the buffet!

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