Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Friday, November 28, 2008

No Breast Meat for Me Please

Try as we might, we just can't get Munch to eat much animal protein...and Thanksgiving is no exception. Po Po makes theee most delectable turkey ever! The lucky bird sits in a delicious Chinese marinade for about a day and then is roasted to perfection by Po Po. There is no dry turkey meat when Po Po does Thanksgiving as my good friend, Jessica, will attest to. Alas, even with such expert preparation Gi can not be enticed to gobble up gastronomic portions of turkey. Instead, my little Munch goes for the wing. Can you believe it...the skinny crispy wing??!! Gi gnawed, chomped and chewed until the thing fell apart. Then with greasy fingers outstretched, she sweetly told the adults that she was "ahhh dun" and asked for assistance in coming down from her booster seat. Luckily, Auntie Jessie, who gobbled down three helpings of turkey finished around the same time as Gi. With very little prompting, Munch attached herself to Auntie Jessie while the rest of us continued to savor Po Po's yummy bird. Thanksgiving for us was great as usual. Thank you, Auntie Jessie, for the wonderful pies and to Po Po for always making the T-bird with lots of love and attention...the end result being so spectacular as usual. And we can't wait to celebrate another Thanksgiving with Gi.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Older by the Minute

Gosh, I feel old! Coming out of our local library this morning, I am stopped by the security guard who works there. I'm thinking two things...either he is going to help me carry my two huge bags of books or he is suspicious of why I am leaving with sooo many books and dvds. Turns out it is neither. The security guard, who addressed me as Ms. Chang (my maiden name) happens to be a former student of mine from back-in-the-day. We pleasantly chit-chat for a while about his career and schooling. Come to find out he is twenty-eight already! I can't believe some of my former students are nearing thirty! And my Munch is only two. Oh boy, my mind and body better last long enough to see my little Munch turn thirty. Time sure flies.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Meet Sarah "Munch" Palin

"Say it ain't so, Joe."

running in 2012

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Lunch

Gi's preschool class had their annual Thanksgiving luncheon today. Poor hubs had to work but I was able to attend. I was glad to meet some of the parents and actually put some faces to names. Finally found out who little Aubrey was...she is the name that Munch consistently mentions when I ask her about her classroom friends. Turns out little Aubrey loves to help Gi out. After a yummy lunch, Ms. Deborah allowed the parents to go outside to the playground with our little ones. I got to see what equipment Gi gravitated most to...swing, sandbox and bouncing ball. On our way home, Gi quickly fell asleep from a very full morning of activities. I had a lovely time with Munch. Big thanks to Ms. Deborah and Ms. Karen.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Sock Wonder

Munch getting ready to do her Molly Shannon supastah routine

layers of princess clothing over her school clothes



Carnival Time

riding the merry-go-round with Daddy

Gi's lips were stained by the dots ice cream that she was eating then it was onto craisins.

relaxing after some exciting rides

taking off in a helicopter

Saturday, November 15, 2008

What's New

Oh boy, I don't often have a stretch of time where I can sit down and write about Gi's cognitive and physical progress. We just recently had a parent conference with her preschool teacher. Ms. Deborah has set some goals for her like mastering all of her targeted colors and shapes, asking more questions in class and being able to hop on one foot. So we have been reinforcing these skills at home via arts and crafts, books, dvds and other types of activities. I'm not sure how well we can tackle the task of having her hop on one foot...maybe Munch just needs to mature physically in order to do that. Anyway, I'm not too worried about that aspect. I figure she will get it when she gets it. Otherwise Munch is doing well in most areas of development especially where music, singing and dancing are involved...this is according to Ms. Deborah. She is also talking up a storm although you wouldn't know it if you put her in an unfamiliar environment. Her vocabulary is taking off! She frequently uses three-word sentences to express her needs and wants. And has the attitude to go with it too. Hubs and I have a nickname for her---BB22 (BB being ba_ _ buster, 22 being her weight at the current time). I know...it's not the most endearing name for our Munch but she really does give us a run for our money. She can be a real charmer too especially after being put in time-out. Gi continues to take Kindermusik with Ms. Carol Anne. Munch adores that class. And we frequent the local library for storytime when it is in session. Munch is now more at ease with Po Po and Gon Gon babysitting her. She does not have a complete meltdown like she used to. Although I have to admit that she still rules the roost when Po Po and Gon Gon are alone with her. Yes, my mom still follows Gi around the house trying to feed her lunch and my dad lets the rascal throw my mom's onions and tomatoes around when we are at their house for our weekly family dinner. Funny how I don't remember my parents tolerating such behavior when my sister and I were young...hmmm. Gi's latest fascination is in clothes that have a flare or ruffle at the bottom. She categorizes all these types of clothing as princess attire. When she puts on these clothes she raises her arms over her head and does a few consecutive twirls, dizzies herself and falls onto the floor laughing. She continues to be a grazer rather then a three-solid-meal-a-day gal when it comes to eating. Gapes (Gi talk for grapes) are still her all-time favorite fruit although she will gladly eat other types of fruit also. I have finally broken down and have now started giving her chocolate milk to increase her full-fat milk intake. The girl loooves this stuff! When it comes to animal protein intake, Munch is still lukewarm. Hubs and I have tried everything...made from scratch stuff, chicken nuggets, fish sticks and patties, turkey and beef hotdogs, deli meats...and the list goes on. I have stepped up her cheese intake and tofu consumption due to her lack of interest in animal protein. And we continue to give her rice and pasta dishes. Potty training is going slowly. Lately, Munch has not shown much interest in using the potty. I suspect that one of the reasons is that we no longer give her an M&M just for sitting on the potty. Now she has to actually produce something to earn the coveted chocolate morsel. This girl is no dummy...she caught on that she could put her munchkin behind on the potty for a nano second and still get an M&M. So hubs and I had to tweak the rules a little...to step up the training so to say. Well, I think that's all the time I have. Munch has woken up from her all too short nap (only an hour lately). To the vovos in Brazil---we look forward to your visit in the summer. To my hubs---thank you for going to work everyday affording me an opportunity to witness Gi's amazing development on a daily basis. Life is good and in these tough economic times I am very thankful to still be an up-close-and-personal spectator in Gi's life.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Card Carrying Member

Gi is not quite sure about Dewey the book owl yet.

wearing her Samurai hat made out of Japanese newspaper

Gi had a field day running along the paths in the garden picking up pebbles, leaves and sticks.

posing with Daddy in one of the beautifully landscaped gardens

Today we went to the Morikami Park for a reading event sponsored by the PBC Library System. We signed the Munch up for her very own library card and even got to tour the bookmobile. Then we strolled through the beautiful Japanese garden making a couple of pit stops for arts and crafts. We even got to meet Dewey the book owl. That's not all...Munch got a free book and a Dewey owl stuffed animal which she held onto throughout our adventure there. Best of all, we got to see some of the Mei Meis and their mommies and daddies.


Munch repeatedly tells me that this is also a princess outfit never mind that she is wearing Daddy's sport socks and maryjanes that are two sizes too big for her.

dancing away in her "princess" outfit

Friday, November 07, 2008

We Have #2 ...Sort Of

I know this is a little distasteful but the moment must be documented!

Yesterday, my Munch actually made poo in the potty for the first time. In the midst of watching Barney, she tells me that she has poo and wants to use the potty. Well, I know better having had Gi give me several false alarms since we started this whole toilet training process. We run into her bathroom where Gi quickly undos her diaper. I find that there is already a mega load in her diaper thanks to a gluttonous consumption of papaya on Gi's part. Munch insists on sitting on the potty nonetheless. I oblige her thinking this will be a good practice run. With several mini grunts on her part, Munch surprises me with a small amount of poo in the yellow bowl. Wow, wow, wow! I literally jump for joy. We high five each other, dance around and sing at the top of our lungs. Then Gi soberly reminds me that I owe her some M&Ms. I happily give her three which must have set some plan in motion in Gi's mind. She sits on the potty two more times, each time generating some results! In her quest for more M&Ms (she had gotten nine so far for her three successful tries), she insists on sitting for more sessions. I gently tell her that we will try again in a couple of hours. She reluctantly cooperates. No more breakthroughs for the rest of the day but what an exciting day nonetheless.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Cool Shade Sammy J

We are so glad to have spent a lovely afternoon helping Sammy celebrate her third birthday today. Sammy was radiant in her most festive party dress...let's just say it had her favorite color (pink) and lots of fun polka dots. Gi had a blast seeing all her little buddies and doing all the gymnastics activities with her daddy. Many thanks to the Hawkins for including us on this very special day. Happy happy birthday, Sammy, and a big wooshee gaga to you!!!

Second Halloween

posing before going out

Daddy is happy with Gi's costume which she practically wears everyday.

Look who finds candy a worthy food group.

Gi as Hawiian girl last year...her bangs had finally started growing back a little from the butcher job that Mommy gave her in September.

Well, Munch is now a Halloween veteran. This is her second year donning on a costume for the sake of gathering as much candy as humanely possible for a two year old. This year, I took the road more frequently traveled by parents-in-the-know...having your child wear a ready made costume instead of a homemade get-up. Gi was expremely happy for it was one of her "princess" dresses (many thanks to the Hawkins). Even though she was wearing a 1950s poodle skirt/dress, Munch insisted that it was a princess gown. You see, my Gi classifies any attire that flares out at the bottom as princess clothing...you'd be wasting your breath if you tried to convince her otherwise. In fact, while parading around in Daddy's old t-shirt today, she announced that she was a princess. I just nodded enthusiastically in agreement...I mean the old faded t-shirt did flare out a bit at the bottom of her tiny feet. So after cooperatively walking with me to the first three to four houses, it dawns on Gi that an abundance of candy could still be gotten while resting comfortably in Mommy's arms which is where she stayed for the rest of her trick-or-treat quest. Luckily, Mommy, for once, is way ahead of the Munch. We made a pact...once her basket is filled with candy, it would be time to head home. Well, needless to say, I gave Gi a very cute but compact basket.

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