Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Boo at the Zoo

Miss Butterfly/Snow White and Miss Hello Kitty Kat sans doctor costume

Gi and Amelie are getting their face painted. No fear or fuss from both girls.

We made our annual trek to the Palm Beach Zoo to meet up with Ms. Robin and her cutie, Amelie, for some Halloween fun. Gi donned her Snow White costume (courtesy of Vovo Lydia). Amelie shined as an ER MD complete with stethoscope and syringe. Both girls consumed copious amounts of candy and even had their faces painted. Nothing like a little Halloween fun in humid 90 degree Florida weather. Happy Halloween everyone!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Rite of Passage

the consultation

ready, set, pierce!

Poh Poh admiring the handi-work


certified glamorous

relaxing at home

My Munch got her ears pierced!!! Ever since seeing her bff with earrings, Gi has been begging me to have her ears done. So we had it done today at the Sweet and Sassy kiddie salon (Thank you, Ms. Lori, for the recommendation). Munch was a champ! No crying or fussing the entire time. She picked out a pretty pink crystal flower stud. Afterwards, she was awarded with a glitter star on her cheek, glitter for her hair, a fancy lolly, and a certificate with a her picture on it. The girl was in 7th heaven!

Panther Fan

Gi went to her first hockey game this past Wednesday night. We were not sure how she was going to do since she was operating on only a 40 minute nap that day. But the Munch did swell. She clapped and danced to the music, watched how the Zamboni worked and even got a signed poster of the Ice Dancers. On the flip side Munch also witnessed a couple of fights between members of the two teams. She got to see first hand how fighting can lead to a stay in the "time-out" box. On our way home, Gi promptly fell asleep in her carseat and didn't even fuss twice when we laid her in her bed at home. She snoozed until 8:00 a.m. the next morning. What a luxury that was for Hubs and me!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blue Couch Photo

Another great mei mei birthday party was had this afternoon. Alex and her mei meis celebrated her 5th birthday with lots of fun, games, food and laughter. Munch was shy at first but quickly warmed up to the festivities. Happy birthday, Alex! Thank you for having us.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Angelina Ballerina

Well, this past Friday, the parents were finally allowed to enter the little dance studio to observe how their munches were doing in ballet class. Hubs and I were so excited to finally get a glimpse of what exactly three year olds do in a ballet session. I was amazed how these tots were able to follow directions for 45 minutes! Munch did us proud. She followed directions and performed the required routine most of the time. And on top of that, we parents learned a few new ballet terms. Now we just have to work on convincing Munch to keep her hair pulled back with an elastic headband for 45 minutes.

Monday, October 05, 2009

By the Light of the Moon...

Another year of Harvest Moon has come and passed with our Munch. Last night, we had a rollicking good time with our usual gang of good friends at a local Pei Wei restaurant. We dined, laughed and celebrated our lives with our little ones and the little ones to come. In fact, we might have a new member coming on board sometime in May of next year. That's right, Kristin and Dave, we're talking about your little Amelie! We want to thank all our good friends for showering the princesses with love, attention, good humor and lovely company. May we always celebrate Harvest Moon together.