Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Joy of Grass

Gi enjoyed rolling around on a freshly cut lawn with Daddy last night during a momentary dry interval. It has been raining every day lately.

A Visit from Auntie Jessy

Gi had loads of fun with
Auntie Jessy today.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Moon Girls

Touch down?

The moon girls posing for their mommies and daddies.

A little snack time after several activities.

Daddies' girls

We spent a wonderful afternoon celebrating Harvest Moon at a local science museum with our two favorite families, the Van Clan and the "Hawkins." Gigi got to see her best buds Brea and Sammi. We even had a little taste of moon cake courtesy of PBChina. The daddies did their part by engaging the moon girls in various activities. However, out of all the activities done, I think the moon girls enjoyed riding on their daddy's shoulders the most.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Victory Is Mine...

Well, at least momentarily. Through much cajoling and exaggerated happy remarks, Gi finally let me put some tiny barretts in her hair. Thanks, Carmen, for the strategy. So we got into the car to attend our first Baby and Me class. As I'm navigating in the pouring rain, I look into my baby mirror. What do I spy? No barretts in hair and Gi's mouth moving slowly as if she were sucking on a piece of candy!!! With clumsy new-mom moves, I retrieve the little barret from her mouth. But where is the other barrett??? By that time, I was praying to the Almighty that she had not swallowed it as a mid-morning snack. We arrive at the art center for our class. I stumble to the back seat and there it was, wedged between the cushions in her car seat. Whew! Would have been mighty hard to have to tell hubby that his one and only daughter swallowed a barrett only weeks after receiving a bad, bad hair job from Mommy. O.k., no more Mommy vanity. I've learned my lesson. I will leave my daughter's hair alone.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Checking out the fountain with Daddy
Giant replica of an eagle's nest

Gi checking out the peacock

Gi chasing after the peacock

Gi checking out the flamingos

Gi admiring the river otters

Sipping away

Trying on Daddy's shades

Mommy and Gi looking at the monkeys

White American alligator

We took Gi to her first outing to a local zoo today. She had a fantastic time pointing at all the animals. In the 96 degree weather, Gi kept cool and hydrated by sipping endlessly from her sippy cup. Enjoy the pictures.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Gi's New Favs

Favorite pastime: walking

Favorite facial expression: playful

Favorite chewing object: her own shoes

Favorite new toy: her sippy cup

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Professional Input

After storytime this morning Gi and I stopped by the local mall. I told myself that the reason was to see if there were any good sales at Gymboree. But that wasn't it. I secretly wanted to stop by the children's hair salon to see if any damage control could be done on the bang job I gave Gi. So I pretended to innocently stroll into the salon with Gi. The receptionist takes one look at Gi and me and the exchange goes like this:

ME: Hi, I was just wondering at what age should children get their hair cut?

RECEPTIONIST (looking skeptically at me): Oh, it's just whenever they are ready. There's no certain age. Sometimes, the parent might have to sit with the child.

ME (blurting out guiltily): That's great! I did a horrible job on her bangs. Do you think it can be fixed???

RECEPTIONIST (looking sympathetically at Gi and trying to hold back a snicker intended for me): Oh noooo. It's too short right now. We'll have to wait until they grow out. We don't want her to look like a boy.

ME (dejected): Uh, o.k. Sorry, I'm new at this mom thing. I won't touch her hair again, I swear.

Gi and I stroll out. We walk through Dillard's to get to our car. An elderly couple happen to walk past us. The husband sees Gi in her stroller and good heartedly comments to her, "You're a handsome little one, arn't you?" Gi and I both look at him with a big smile and wave our greetings, me speechless, Gi oblivious.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Itty Bitty Steps

Finally wised up and starting taking pictures of Gi walking independently. All day today, she took steps big and small around the living room. Munchkin is still wobbly but very determined.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dinner with the Mei Meis

Mei Mei Gi with Daddy. Gi loves to sit on Daddy's shoulders.

Mei Mei Kayla in her beautiful red dress.

All the Mei Meis and their daddies.

All the Mei Meis and their mommies.

Look who likes to be front and center.

All the Mei Meis trying to pose together. Notice how Gi is already trying to wander.

Tonight we enjoyed an evening of fun with the Mei Meis. We dined at a local Chinese restaurant which just happens to be Ron's fave Chinese place. BTW today is hubs' birthday. He's the big 42! We even got to dine with the H family which is always a treat. After all our bellies were filled with yummy Chinese cusine, we proceeded outside to snap pictures of all the Mei Meis together. Thanks, Christine, for arranging this dinner. We had a fantastic time! We look forward to the next get-together.

Milestones Big and Small

Gi with Grandma C post haircut

Well, it's the weekend and I have a little more time to write. Hubs is entertaining Gi at the moment. Gi continues to delight us with her progress. At 13 months, here are some things that she currently does.

1. Points at everything and says "da." This girl literally wakes up pointing at an object. Hubs and I will tell her the name of the object that we think she is pointing at. Then she says "da" again.

2. She recognizes pictures of herself and her image in the mirror and will yell with glee "ja ja" in an attempt to say her name.

3. She loves to feed herself especially cheese and any kind of fruits. She eats these items as if they were going out of style.

4. Will listen somewhat attentively when we read books to her.

5. Favorite words are da da, dang, deh and da. No consistent ma ma yet.

6. Now sleeps in her pack-n-play placed next to our bed. This transition started about two weeks ago. Whew, no more having to sleep with Mommy and Daddy! Next stop, the crib in her room. Don't know when that will take place.

7. Gi can now stand independently for several seconds.


8. In the last week or so, Gi has begun to take several steps by herself before plopping down on her tushy. She looks to make sure that we are watching her then gives herself a nice round of applause. Of course, we join in because we are just very proud of her! Of course with this new found freedom comes a few bruises and bumps---once on the chin and another on the cheek.

Friday, September 14, 2007

"Bang" Up Job NOT!


Number rule to follow if you are a new mom: do not attempt to cut your own daughter's hair. In an effort to even out Gi's pointy bangs, I along with Grandma C sheared off a little too much. Hubs was not happy when he came home to his pride and joy. Descriptions that hubs has uttered so far: a) young kung-fu monk b) Amazon native c) Japanese doll d)homeless urchin d) mullet boy. Well, the list goes on. She is still super adorable in my eyes!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Many Faces of Gi

What does a baby around here gotta do to get picked up?
Mmm, tasty coaster...Also doubles as a flying object.

Blushing rascal

Yeah, right, like I'm really going to take a nap now.

Mommy lets me use her shirt as a napkin all the time.

What else you got around this joint besides toys?

Are you serious? Is another diaper change really necessary?

Mommy doesn't know it yet but I'm going to fling this red cup across the room.

Took a whole bunch of pictures of Gi today while playing with her. Thought I'd share some of the goofier ones with my family and friends. This girl cracks me up everyday!

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