Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Three as Can Be

On the day of her birthday, Munch started her morning with some fruit loops dipped in cream cheese and some slices of peach.

Before going out for her birthday dinner, Munch received another surprise---this beautiful shirt from her vovos.

Gi grabbed a roll and proceeded to stick her crayon in it to make a birthday cake.

Pizza---Munch's favorite!

about to dig into the pizza with Mommy

the three amigas sitting contentedly on hub's lap during Ms. Carol Ann's show

shaking and rolling with Ms. Carol Ann

helping Ms. Carol Ann guess the musical instruments

parachuting beach balls

First, the Three Ds would like to thank all of our family and friends (big and pint size) for coming to Munch's third birthday celebration yesterday. We had a rocking good time. Ms. Carol Ann, Munch's Kindermusik teacher, kept Gi and her buddies shaking, rattling and rolling for a good long time. Our baby is growing up and fast! Sniff, sniff.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

To Tally and Back

The day before we left, a good friend of Auntie Sara's, Charlie, took us out on a two hour tour of the St. Marks River. What a treat...we got to see five manatees!!! Thank you, Mr. Charlie!

Munch did very well on the two hour river ride. She wore the life vest the entire time. That's my girl!

While waiting for our breakfast at the Silver Bullet Diner, Munch pretended to take our orders.

Hubs and Vovo Joe Joe fished all day long on Lake Talquin. What a beautiful place!

Munch enjoyed a nice cool Italian soda at the Black Dog Cafe on Lake Ella.

The other 3Ds enjoyed a fabulous southern fried seafood dinner at the Catfish Pad, a local hole-in-the-wall joint.

The 3Ds waited hungrily for their fried seafood dinner at the Catfish Pad.
Munch tried on a hand knitted hat by Ms. Paula, a local yarn merchant and good friend of Auntie Sara's.
Munch zeroed in on Vovo Lydia's soda while enjoying a Mexican lunch at Cabos.

Gi did a great job kayaking with Uncle Mark. She was a real trooper!
Munch decided to pull Gon Gon along at the Tallahassee Natural History Museum.

Mommy and Munch enjoyed a view of Tallahassee from the 22nd floor of the new capital building.

Many thanks to Ms. Maria who gave Gi "Bingo." Gi had instant adoration for Maria after receiving the adorable gift.

Gi posed solemnly in the old Florida Supreme Court.

Gi invaded Auntie Sara and Uncle Mark's bed everyday.

posing in the old capital building

playing in "grandma's attic" at the Florida History Museum

Munch helped Auntie Sara with the bird feeder.

Mommy and Munch enjoyed a lovely evening at the potluck get-together of the Tallahassee Artists' League.

posing at the San Luis Mission historic site

touring with both grandmas at the San Luis Mission historic site

goofing around at Auntie Sara and Uncle Mark's house

helping Auntie Sara in the yard

Munch absolutely adores her Uncle Mark.

Well, we just spent a wonderful past week in Tallahassee where my sister and bro-in-law live. We loaded up our mini van rental with everyone and everything except for the kitchen sink. Gi got to spend some quality time with her auntie and uncle doing all sorts of outdoorsie things. And, of course, if the Changs are involved, there was a lot of eating going on too. Big kisses and hugs for Auntie Sara and Uncle Mark for the wonderful townhouse rental and superb hospitality.