Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Progress Report

Just had the final parent conference of the year with Munch's preschool teacher. Gi is doing fine and making very good progress. She is exhibiting her independence in school as well as in the home with us. She knows all her body parts, colors and shapes with the exception of black and diamond. We will be working on visual recognition of her first name during the summer as well as continuing to read for enjoyment on a daily basis. No problem there...Gi loves to read with us. Her fine and gross motor skills are also on target. She continues to show interests in all areas of art and music (many thanks to Ms. Carol Ann in Kindermusik). Way to go, Gi. We are very proud of you!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

From Dora to Diego

Munch is ready for some pool action after a two-day hiatus.

Munch picked this green barrett to go with this brown outfit that she coordinated herself.

The title of this blog entry refers to the snide comment that Hubs made when he laid eyes on Munch's new do. I patiently explained to Hubs that it is a cute pixie cut very suitable for active little girls. I don't think he got it. It doesn't matter...Munch looks adorable to me!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Got Butter?

Munch has been under the weather a bit these last couple of days so Hubs and I decided to lift her spirits by taking her to a local pizzeria. Gi loooves pizza...about the only non fruit food besides candy and chips that we don't have to beg or bribe her to eat. The waiter brings over the obligatory garlic and plain rolls and some pats of butter on the side. Miss Grump-a-lump complains that she doesn't have her own fork so we assure her that the nice waiter will be bringing it soon. Hubs puts a plain roll on her little plate along with pats of butter and encourages her to eat the roll first while she is waiting for her fork.

"No! Me want fork. Me need fork first, Daddy!" is the response that we get.

"O.k., no problem, you can wait for your fork but you know you don't need a fork to eat your roll," we respond patiently.

The fork arrives and Gi holds it clumsily in her hand. Both Hubs and I roll our eyes thinking that our Grump-a-Lump is going to eat her roll on a fork. Then taken by complete surprise, we witness our 23 lb. peanut stab not at her roll but at a pat of butter on her plate. She swiftly puts it in her mouth and starts to chew. Both Hubs and I eye each other in amazement and stifle a belly laugh. Before we could recover from the first shock, Gi stuffs another pat of butter in her mouth and chews like a famished cow at a hay buffet. The piping hot pizza arrives at our table and our daughter wants nothing to do with it.

"Me done, Mommy," exclaims Gigi. Oh well, nothing like a few pats of butter to satify one's finicky appetite. Hubs and I reassure each other that our Munch at least ate something.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Miss Sassy Pants

Well, I hate to say it or even think it but my baby Munch is growing up (sniff, sniff). Munch has a case of serious, full-blown, incurable independentitis.

"Me do it!"

"Me can do it!"

"Go away now!" (When Hubs and I tell her that this is rude to say, she just adds please at the end of the command)

"Babies wear diaper. Me big girl now! Me wear big girl underwear."

"Me use big girl potty." Yes, we finally bid a ceremonial farewell to the little potty last night.

"Ook at me. Me princess now."

These are some of the more common proclamations we hear from Gi day in and day out. Miss Sassy Pants insists on doing most things by herself now. When we shower with her, she demands to soap and rinse herself. Forget about helping her to eat...she ain't gonna have any of that business. Munch goes through about 10 changes of clothing a day endlessly opening her drawers and closet looking for different pieces of clothing to wear for a few nano seconds. Her favorite change of clothing is her underwear. If she is silent and in her room, you can bet that she is rummaging through her underwear drawer looking for her next princess underwear to try on. When we have to use a public toilet, she doesn't want Mommy or Daddy to hold her in place anymore. A new habit of hers is to tell Hubs and I how we are driving. She's like a back carseat driver critiquing our turns, speed and position of our hands on the steering wheel. And she has deemed the stroller obsolete refusing to get in unless threatened with the dreaded time-out. Oh boy, what's next!?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My New Fave Hangout

Happy birthday, Olivia!

Munch couldn't get enough of this horsey ride.

I asked Munch if she wanted a vanilla or chocolate cupcake. She yelled out purple... a.k.a. the cupcake with the purple frosting on it.

posing with live Chuck E, Karley and Nicollette

having a blast on the dance floor with her school buddies

giving the automatronic Chuck E a hug

testing out the Bob the Builder ride

going round and round on the Tele Tubbies ride

Gi gave Barney (her fave character) several kisses as she rode his choo choo train.

fantastical helicopter ride

Munch was invited to a classmate's birthday party this past Friday at a local Chuck E Cheese. Boy, did she have a rocking good time! Not ever having been to this kid's hangout before, Gi was in awe. She couldn't believe her little eyes at the amount of rides and games right at her finger tips. After using up the tokens that were given to her by her classmate's mommy, I had to shell out another $10 worth of tokens for Munch to get her fill of Chuck E Cheese fun. After all the excitement, I asked my Munch if she would like to have her birthday party there also. With beaming eyes and a ready smile, she nodded her head eagerly. We'd like to thank Olivia and Miss Martha for including us in the birthday celebration. We may just have to continue the fun in August when Munch turns three.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

My Second Easter Egg Hunt

This is Munch last year at her first egg hunt. Beside her is BFF, Brea.

Munch is waiting patiently to be let loose for the egg hunt.

Munch spots more eggs.

That bucket is getting fuller and fuller.

Munch is searching for more goodies.

Sweet Aubrey gives Munch one of her eggs.

Munch was doubly excited to go to school today for today is Easter egg hunt day! Upon arriving at school, Munch, with her Dora bucket in hand, ran to her classroom anxious to find her share of Easter eggs filled with candy. Mommies and daddies were allowed to stay for a bit to take pictures and to help out. Wishing all our family and friends a happy Easter!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

This and That

We are officially back in the water! The temperature has been in the 80s lately so Munch and I ventured back into the pool yesterday. The water temp was still a little on the cool side but nothing that kept us from splashing around and having fun. Sassy Pants hasn't lost any of the skills she learned from ISR.

Gi put this ensemble together and begged me to take a picture of her. She is getting quite adapt at putting on her own clothes and shoes including socks. This girl can't wait to put on her big girl panties every day. Her eating skills are getting more coordinated too. She looooves to feed herself. Munch is also learning to bathe and shower herself. The operative phrase nowadays is "ME DO IT!"