Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

First Trick or Treat

Strapped in and ready to trick or treat.

Posing with Mommy for first Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Nemo and Hula Girl and their Mommies
I love the ball pit!!!

My buddy, Mariann as Nemo...
I love this vibrating thinga-ma-jig!!!
Where did the bean bag go???
Fistful of Cupcake

Making this for Dadddy!
Look at all my buddies!
Where shall I vacuum?
Spidey Daniel and Hula Girl

Gi and I have been attending a wonderful Baby and Me class for several weeks now. Today's class was special because it is Halloween!!! So Gi and most of her classmates attended class in their Halloween attire. Enjoy the pics.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Alex!

All dressed up and somewhere to go
Birthday girl, Alex, in ballerina costume

Gi kept going in and out of this door

Hula girl in playhouse

Gi hanging out with the older Mei Meis

Hula girl trying out Alex's wheels

Mommy and hula girl

Kitty Cat Sunny
Hula girl checking out the party scene

Quarterback Camille

Group Pic

At 14 months, Gi attended her first birthday party. Fellow Mei Mei, Alex, turned three. All the Mei Meis came to celebrate with Alex in their finest Halloween attire. Gi went as a hula girl. Mama was cheap and made her costume using sheets of felt and an old onsie. Happy birthday, Alex, and thanks for having us!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Latest Obsession

Gi's latest obsession is carrying as many purses/shopping bags as she can while puttering around the house. Gi puts all the bags on one shoulder only. Her entire arm is raised above her head and the tiny fingers are opening and closing as if waving good-bye.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Victory Is Mine AGAIN!

Munchkin actually let me put this kitty cat headband on her without too much fussing. She kept it on for a good 30 minutes! What is life without progress no matter how incremental??!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Splish Splash Splosh

Yesterday we spent a fun-filled morning with Sammi and Miss Wendy splashing in the fountain at the local zoo. This is the first fountain splash for Gi. Like all newly initiated, Gi was closely examining a spout when a blast of cool water squirted into her chubby-cheeked face. Startled but not deterred she continued to make her rounds. Big girl, Sammi, showed Gi how to snack like a lady between intervals of watery fun. Big thanks to the "Hawkins" for the blast and the pics!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Moving Furniture

Hubs and I are lounging on the couch watching a little telly. Gi is puttering around in the living room when we notice our little dynamo heading toward the ottoman that we use to block her from leaving the living room. We usually place the ottoman between the tv and the couch. Gi squeezes herself in a corner between the ottoman and tv and slowly starts to dislodge the ottoman from its strategic location. For the next four to five minutes, our 18 lbs munchkin is pushing and pulling the ottoman around the livingroom oblivious to the fact that her parents are staring at her in awe. We managed to snap a few photos of her Herculean feat as our guts were busting with laughter.

Thank You!

Hugs and kisses to the G Family for putting together a fun-filled evening for us last night. We munched on pizza and chatted up a storm. We were able to see, again, little Riley, whose mommy and daddy were the inspiration for our journey to Gigi. Let's do it again!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Crusty Is Her Name

Gi styling in her ladybug bib given to her by the Van Clan.

I'm afraid Munchkin has acquired her first cold since arriving in the U.S. During the past week, her tiny nostrils have been encrusted with discharge. Hubby's or my attempt to dislodge the unsightly substance has been next to futile. Gi will not let an aspirator near her nose. On several occasions, her sneezing caused mucus-like bubbles to squirt out of her nose. If we don't wipe her nose in time, Gi's attempt to do the job herself essentially gives her a snot facial. Not pretty nor appetizing. On top of that, she is cutting what looks to be a pre-molar. So the drooling has been intensified. A bib is part of the daily attire now. Oh and Mommy has the same cold too.