Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Preschool Update

Well, the preschool director was right. Today when we pulled into the parking lot of the preschool, Munch opened her mouth and wailed. Her tears stopped momentarily while we walked toward the school building but once I handed her to Miss Deborah, the tear ducts let loose again. I go outside the building, peek through her classroom window and see that Miss Mama-Left-Me-Again had calmed down somewhat and is actually letting Miss Jenny soothe her. Later on, I arrive to pick her up. I peek through the window on the classroom door and see that my munch is sitting happily in a circle singing with her teacher and other little buddies. It's one o'clock. Miss Deborah opens the classroom door for dismissal, calls for Gi to come meet me and what do I get? A very weak waaah waaah from Munch and all is well again. I smother her with cheerful, sunshiney kisses and asks her about her day. All my questions were greeted with "yes." I could've asked her if Godzilla showed up on the playground today and Munch would have answered yes. Oh well, she appears to be adjusting slowly. Life is good.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Daze

first day of school and adoring her lunch sack

Ok, last month I decided to call a local preschool to inquire about possible openings for Gi. Hubs and I figured it was time for her to experience a more structured and educational environment. The director tells me that she will put Munch on the waiting list and that there were 20 other kids ahead of her. So I relaxed and figured that it will be several semesters before I hear from this preschool again. Nope! They called me last Friday and gave me the good news...that there was a Tuesday/Thursday opening in the two-year room with a very sweet lead teacher and teacher's assistant. Jackpot...that was exactly what I wanted for Munch...to slowly ease her into a classroom setting and wean her off Mama. So today, my little munch went off to her first day of preschool. Even though she assured me that there will be "no cry, no cry" there was plenty of ferocious crying when I left her with her teachers. After four hours of parental freedom, I arrived at the preschool again to pick my munch up. Peeking through the door window I see my little dynamo crying dramatically again. But there is good news...after about ten minutes of crying in the morning, Munch apparently enjoyed her day. Both the director and lead teacher were very pleased with her progress throughout the four hours that she was there. Whew!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthday Celebration

and blow...

sweet Olivia

all aboard

already holding Brea's hand

playing in the "doctor's office"

chow time

hanging out with Auntie Jessie

Whew! Gi's birthday celebration went off without a hitch this past Sunday. We had it at a local children's museum. Her little buddies came and shared in the fun. Gi, in her usual fashion, blew out the candles and proceeded to squish her cupcake into pieces. She even went a step further and rubbed it into her hair. Oh boy! Thank you to all the family, friends and little buddies who made her birthday bash such a fantastically fun day.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thank You Vovos!

Hi, Vovos!

I just wanted to thank you for the super cute bathing suit. Mommy took me to the post office to pick it up today. I even went swimming in it today. What do you think? Do I look like a Brazilian babe? I love my Hello Kitty card! Beijos...Gigi

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

Hubs took out his two Brazilian soccer jersies...one for him and one for Munch.

Gi is saying "raining, Mama."

gray skies and blusterly winds

Our backyard is drenched with rain water.

street in front of our house

pool almost overflowing with water

Whoo weee, we are drenched here. Luckily it is only a tropical storm. We have been getting rain bands and lots of blusterly winds. I believe this is Gi's first major storm. We stayed in yesterday and we are staying in today. Hubs, so far, doesn't have to go into work. He is enjoying himself watching the Brazil vs. Argentina Olympic game. Gi, I think, is getting a little bit of cabin fever. Gotta keep that munch busy!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


just another day of dress-up with mommy's purses

Hmm, what should I do next?

wrestling with the birthday balloons from Daddy

birthday cupcakes

a little help from Daddy

a little help from Mommy

Cupcakes are for finger painting, not eating!

We told Gi that she could eat her cupcake anyway she wanted. She dove in with both hands and squished away. She hardly ate any of it.

Today, my munch turned two. Wow, where does the time go??? The three Ds celebrated with a quiet dinner and some birthday cupcakes. Big hugs and kisses for Po Po and Gon Gon who made a contribution to Gi's college fund. Thank you to the vovos for their long distance call to wish Gi a happy birthday. Gi also heard from her Auntie Sara and our good friends, Monica and Marcello. We can't wait to continue the celebration with our friends and family next week at the Schoolhouse Museum. Hubs and I are so grateful to be able to celebrate each and every one of Gi's milestones. It seems like just yesterday that the three of us were in China stumbling our way into becoming a family. Now our munch runs circles around us. She is an active, stubborn toddler who asserts her independence and yet craves the safety net of her parents. Munch is talking more and more. Her latest word of choice is "funny." When she doesn't want my company she will loudly say "bye bye mommy." Imagine that! Welcome to two, my love. May every birthday find you a happy, independent and compassionate child.

Madonna Anyone?

My sister is at it again. She recently took loads of pictures of my munch. This is the latest enhanced creation of one of them. Gi had just finished bathing and was prancing around in her bath towel. I guess she decided to amuse my sister with this pose. What do you think? More like Sandro Boticelli's The Birth of Venus, right?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Good-Bye Fefe

Well, the last of our fur babies has passed away. This morning hubs took Fefe, our 12 year old rescued Greyhound, to the vet's office to be put down. In the last two weeks or so, she had not been eating and drinking sufficiently and thus lost a good deal of weight. Then within the last week, her hind legs gave out on her. She appeared to have had a fever also. We adopted Fefe from the Greyhound Adoption League when she was four. We're grateful to have had eight good years with her. After explaining Fefe's passing to Gi, my munch pretended to close her eyes and uttered "Fefe night-night." That about sums it up. Night-night, Fefe. You will be missed.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Hubei Sisters

daddy's girls

arm in arm

two super cuties---Miss Florida and Miss Ohio 2024 perhaps?

mommy's girls

choo-choo with Mommy

Faith and mommy enjoying the choo-choos

holding hands and jumping along
What a treat...we got to meet Faith's po po also (pictured in the background).

Gi was adamant about holding the horse's handles but the pole got in the way.

Papa John with Miss Faith

Mama Judy led the girls to some H2O fun.

Gi and Faith striking a fountain pose

Wow, what a great weekend! The three Ds traveled to the Orlando area to meet up with one of Gi's Hubei "sisters." We met little Miss Faith and her mommy, daddy, and po po at Downtown Disney. The L family is visiting from Ohio. The girls hit it off and shared many fun moments together. We are so grateful to have an opportunity to catch up with one of our travel families.
Hugs to the L family. We enjoyed every minute that we spent with them!