Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Monday, January 31, 2011

Hello Mr. Rabbit!

Some of the little firecrackers who posed for us towards the end of the fun evening.

I am surrounded by cuteness!

time to make some bunny ears

Hubs was more excited about the fireworks than the kids.  Big thank you to the R family for supplying the fireworks.

master wonton maker Big Amelie

another master wonton maker Madi
big thanks to Mama Lisa for supplying these wonder pictures

still another master wonton maker Munch
two more master wonton makers are Alex and Brea (both not pictured here)
This past Saturday night, we got off to an early start to Chinese New Year.  Our family and good friends gathered at our house to ring in the year of the rabbit which, by the way, doesn't start till this Thursday.  Hubs and I feel so blessed to celebrate another year with the love of our life (sometimes pain in the you-know-what), Munch!  The kids had a wild blast complete with fireworks, a dragon dance, bunny ears and wonton making.  We must thank everyone for coming and bringing such righteous desserts! A special thanks to Poh Poh for helping the Ds plan and execute the menu for the evening.  We miss the vovos and hope that by next year they will become a regular fixture in our celebrations.  Gung hay fat choy to all of our family and friends near and far.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Gon Gon

Ok, this is what happens when one of your parents celebrate his birthday according to the lunar calendar---you miss his birthday every year unless your mom reminds you weeks in advance that the big day is coming.  Well, it happened again this year.  The 3Ds once again let Gon Gon's birthday pass oblivious to the fact that this year, his big day fell on January 4th.  So we had a belated celebration at our house complete with an Italian feast.  Yes, an Italian feast because Gon Gon eats home-cooked Chinese every day and he loves a good western meal whenever the opportunity arises.  Gi and I made a red velvet cake.  Gon Gon never passes up a sweet dessert...very atypical for an elderly Chinese man.  Gi elbowed her way to the front of the cake when it came time for the birthday medley and strong-armed Gon Gon into letting her blow out the candle.  We ended the evening with a full belly and a quiet satisfaction that we helped Gon Gon ring in his 74th year of life.  Happy birthday, Gon Gon!