Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Have You Ukulele Lately?

For the past several weeks Munch has been asking for a guitar. I would listen to her repeated requests skeptically knowing full well the short life span of interest any three year old holds for any particular object. Luckily my good friend, Jessica, is a seasoned music teacher. So I went to her for some much needed advice or rather answers to some nagging questions. Should I buy a guitar for her? If so does she need lessons? How much of an investment? Is this just a passing phase? What should I do? Is it realistic for a three year old to play a guitar? I mean I don't want to be that mom that stiffles or ignores a budding interest in music, right? After a bit of hand-holding and reassurances, Auntie Jessie steers us to the often under appreciated but delightful ukulele. We walk into Chafin Music and immediately spot a display of ukuleles in different vibrant colors. The stars are aligned because there is a pink ukulele which Munch ooos and ahhs over. Auntie Jessie has Gi try out the instrument. It is the perfect size for mighty Munch. Gi assures me that she wants this "guitar." So $47 later, we drive home with a brand new pink ukulele. I'm relieved. I didn't have to spend a fortune to support Gi's musical fancy whether passing or not. And even if it were a short lived fancy, Auntie Jessie points out the permenancy of instruments when well taken care of. Well, Auntie Jessie, thank you for taking care of us. Munch walks around the house plucking away to her heart's content now. No music lessons required just yet. Auntie Jessie wants Munch to just enjoy the uk for now. As for Mommy, that's a different story. I do appreciate the homework assignment Auntie Jessie has given me, really. I have Hot Cross Buns almost mastered now and even attempt to play it for Gi occasionally when Munch is not demanding that she show me how "it's done" on the uk.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Off to China

Madi, second from the left, is about to become a big sister.

We celebrated with Lisa, seated right, at a local Rotelli restaurant. She and hubby, Jimmy, are off to China on January 20th to bring little Daniel home.

No, the 3Ds are not going to China but the M family is! We'd like to congratulate Lisa, Jimmy and Madi again as they are about to welcome little Daniel into their family. Wishing you smooth sailing to and from China.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Brrr-day Celebration

Happy birthday, Amelie! We had an arctic blast. Thank you for having us.

Gi trying out the walker before heading out to the ice rink

daddies and daddy's girls waiting to hit the ice

Gi, along with all her mei buddies, were real troopers skating around the rink with the help of a walker.

Who needs the walker more???

sleigh ride from Mr. Stew

We had a brrrr-fect time at Amelie's icy bday get-together. It was the first time Gi tried ice skating. A couple of slips, slides and cries later Gi was hooked especially after whizzing and zipping around the rink with Mr. Ed (Sammy's very cool daddy).

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Hanging with My Auntie and Uncle

We met up with the meis meis to watch the Princess and the Frog on New Year's eve. Alvin and the Chipmunks proved to be irrisistible for the meis.

Munch monopolized Uncle Mark's mocha shake while lunching at a local Vietnamese restaurant.

Gi was more than happy to comply when Auntie Sara asked her to don on a princess dress. Thank you, Sammy Pajammy, for the beautiful dress.

posing before our delicious Vietnamese noodles arrived

Munch can't pass by an eyeglass display without wanting to try on every pair. This display happened to be reading glasses. Auntie Sara snapped this shot at the Pearl Art Center in Lauderdale.

Gi put on this face when she was asked to turn off Barney in preparation for dinner time.

New Year's day dinner

chocolate ganache cupcakes for dessert

The 3Ds would like to wish all of our family and friends a prosperous and healthy new year!