Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Sunday, April 11, 2010

No Elbows

Hubs and I are tired. We have just come home from a Panthers game with Munch. Munch loves the hockey experience and comes home in a good mood. She hops into bed without protest and I finish reading a Maisy book to her. Before I step out of her room to make way for Hubs to read to her, she instructs me to inform Hubs that he is not to put his elbows on her pillow. I am amused by this edict but nevertheless assure her of my duty to remind Hubs about the no-elbows rule. Hubs walks in and before he can even sit on Munch's bed she boldly tells him that he is in no way to lay his elbow on her pillow. Hubs looks at her defiantly, walks over to the head of her bed, bends his arms upright and drops his elbows dramatically on her pillow like a showy pro wrestler does to his disabled opponent. You see, Hubs thought he was being funny with his one-and-only child. What he got was merciless sobbing followed by a flowing river of tears from dear daughter. In an effort to make amends, shocked Hubs asks Munch why he is not to lay his elbow on her pillow. Her response---her purple pillow is very fluffy and soft and when Daddy puts his elbow on it the pillow becomes hard. There. You got it, Daddy? No elbows on the pillow. Ever.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Spring Time in Tallahassee

Gi had a hopping good time playing airplane with fellow Chinese toddler, Ethan at the Easter party.

enjoying a nice game of "kick the flat ball" with Uncle Mark and Mommy

kayaking with Uncle Mark

family portrait at Mission San Luis

Dorito crumbs all around Munch's mouth at Mission San Luis

An interpreter at Mission San Luis is demonstrating how the Spaniards made empanadas. After observing this demonstration for several minutes, Munch exclaims loudly that she is hungry.

inside the counsel house at Mission San Luis

posing in the fire pit at Mission San Luis

We went shopping for the Easter party at a Costco in Tallahassee. Of course Munch easily convinced her daddy to get her a large cup of soft serve. All smiles when it comes to ice cream.

downing a small piece of hotdog before being granted her wish for ice cream at a Tallahassee Costco

family shot at Tom Brown Park

ever the swing hog at Tom Brown Park

Hubs working on getting Uncle Mark and Auntie Sara HD on their tv

posing with her favorite uncle at Oven Park

beautiful Azaleas all over Oven Park

swinging in a beautiful garden

Oven Park has beautiful flowering Camelias. Munch was estatic when we allowed her to pick some off the ground.

Munch, a flower enthusiast herself, couldn't believe how many amazing flowers were at Oven Park.

posing with a sculpture by Uncle Mark in the front yard

This is Munch's tai chi pose.

Auntie Sara gave Munch this set of pretty barrettes. Munch was in heaven!

Tallahassee is hilly to say the least. A little more effort is required of Munch.

cozy in her blanket before taking her nightly bath at Auntie Sara and Uncle Mark's house
We must thank Uncle Mark and Auntie Sara again for putting up with the 3Ds for an entire week. Auntie Sara, ever the professional shutterbug, snapped all of these pictures of us. There was even an Easter party in honor of the mighty Munch. We had a fantastic time and look forward to seeing auntie and uncle again in the summer. Happy Easter to all of our family members and friends near and far.