Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bracelets and Toilets Don't Go Together

Munch and I stop by a local warehouse market to pick up a few items. We go in. We go out. That's the plan. But the food sample vendors are out and this does not escape Munch's eyes. So Munch directs me to every stainless steel cart for a little snack time. Soon nature calls. We mosey to the large industrial bathroom. Munch obliges cheerfully. Before I can even lift her off the toilet seat, I hear a loud clink. Munch's pink princess bracelet escapes from her tiny wrist and splashes into the toilet bowl. Standing there with her hands still holding her dress up and her princess undies straddled around her ankles, Munch gasps at the tragedy. "Mommy, get it pease, pease!" I stammer about how dirty the toilet is when suddenly the automatic flusher shoots down a herculean rush of water sending the bracelet to potty heaven. Unable to be consoled, Munch's tear ducts open up like the sky. And now one can imagine how the rest of the shopping trip went. And so after a few more laborious rounds of vendor snacks, we leave the store relatively calm and, hopefully, scar-free. I just wonder what the outcome would have been if my Munch had dropped her teddy.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ready for World Cup

with Coach Stephen and soccer buddy Brooke

little soccer beauties

making Daddy proud by wearing the Brazilian uniform
(big thanks to Sammy PJ for passing the outfit over to Gi)

kicking the ball as hard as she can
Munch is definitely not a natural at soccer but she is having great fun.

listening to Coach Stephen

with her team mates

I signed Munch up for a one week soccer camp at a nearby rec center. She is having loads of fun especially since her little school buddy is in it also. Hubs whipped out the "official" Brazilian soccer uniform the other day for Munch to wear to practice. It was tough marketing that outfit---no frills, sparkles, rainbows or the color purple, all standard Gi requirements for ready wear. But we presevere and Munch dons it on every morning with the promise that she can change into her rainbow shorts when she comes home. Such girliness! Nonetheless, Hubs is very proud of his little soccer girl.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Hello Amelie

At long last, our friends, Kristen and Dave, received their referral today of their gorgeous baby daughter, Amelie. Congratulations! Amelie was well worth the wait. Oh those cheeks!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Welcome Home R Family

proud papa and momma with Alex arriving


fast friends

Last night was a special evening. The three of us along with some good friends made our way to the airport to welcome home another adoption family. Congratulations, Castor, Joyce and Alex! Munch was immediately taken with Alex, a bright eyed sociable 3 year old. They even exchanged a friendly kiss! So adorable. We're so happy for this brand new family and can't wait for future playdates.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

First Dance Recital

Munch is fourth from the left

with dancing buddy, Kathleen

Munch Kathleen Addison

strike a pose

Munch bumped into fellow mei mei, Avery, at the rehearsal.

ice cream chow down with Sammy after the recital

Munch had her first dance recital today! Her little group danced to "Baby Ballerinas." Oh such cuteness on stage! Enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Heavenly Discussion

Munch and I were driving to the mall this morning. During our usual car chatter, Gi asked about Daniel again. In simplistic terms I told her how Daniel's heart needed fixing and that sometimes even the best doctors can't fix everything the way we expect. After a small pause, Munch's eyes lit up. "Oh but Daniel is in heaven. Fifi (our greyhound who passed away 2 years ago) is in heaven, Mommy. She going to lick Daniel's face alot!" Such surprising sweetness from a three year old. I'm so proud of her.