Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Monday, February 23, 2009

Prayer Leader

Last week I noticed that Gi's daily preschool report stated that her job for the day was prayer leader. So I ask Munch how she liked being prayer leader at school. She mumbled a bit, clasped her two little hands together under her chin and uttered something that sounded like "God farmer." Perplexed, I ask "God farmer--- is that what you said?" She nods enthusiastically. "Do you mean God's family, Gigi?" She also nods eagerly to this. Stumped, I drop the subject matter. Later on that evening, I share with hubs that Gi was prayer leader in school. Being the cheeky monkey that he is, he finds this quite amusing and pumps Gi for details. Gi shares with him the same thing that she shared with me earlier that morning. Hubs is clueless as to the words that she is saying except for the word God. So without further hesitation, he jokingly instructs Munch on what to say should she be prayer leader again. The exchange goes something like this at the dinner table:

Hubs: "Gi, say dear God tickle tickle thanks for the pickle." (Hubs is a Mike Myers fan)

Munch: "Tick tick naanew pickle."

Hubs: "Good, good, good! Now if you can't remember that you can say dear God rub-a-dub dub thanks for the grub."

Munch: "rub rub dub dub."

Hubs is so pleased with himself that he continues to instruct Gi during her bathtime now. What will this man come up with next??!! Let's pray that Munch doesn't remember any of these irreverent mantras that her daddy passed on to her.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fever Be Gone

Munch is feeling much better and dictates, as usual, that Daddy be her tubmate at bathtime.

Oh boy, nothing like a running fever to make any new parent feel inadequate. Munch had a fever since Tuesday night and it finally subsided yesterday. In the last few days, the rascalina gave regular proclamations of "me tired" and "me rest now." This never happens! My child never ever in a million years admits to being tired or sleepy. This bug that she caught must have given her a real run for her money. And as an added bonus, the ped discovered that she also had swimmer's ears. Now it's seven days/twice a day of antibiotics drops in her ears which require her little body to stay still for five minutes for each ear. Five minutes is a lifetime for an active toddler! Just five more days of this parental torture...I know I can do it, I know I can do it, I know...Sorry I digress. Anywhoo, Gi is fever free now and back to her normal, happy bouncey self. I am thankful.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Open Wide

Ok, can I brag a little? I'm sooo proud of my Munch. She did a bang up job at her first dental visit yesterday! Hubs and I prepped her the night before by reading lots of books on going to the dentist and also some role playing with a small flashlight and toothbrush. On the morning of the visit Munch was still full of apprehension but didn't whine or cry. Dr. Debby's office ushered us in to see a short feature on a friendly dinosaur going to see his dentist. Munch thought that was the bomb and it was smoother sailing from that point on. Plus a Snow White toothbrush (from Dr. Debby) and a new princess dress of her choice (from Mommy) helped to grease the process along. After a thorough examination by Dr. Debby, we found out that Munch's teeth are very close together which would require extra diligence on our part when it comes to flossing. Gi also has an overbite which may require orthodontic attention many years down the road. Lastly all her teeth have come in or are 2/3 of the way in. Nothing to worry about now. Going in again in six months for her first cleaning, x-ray and flouride treatment. Now Mommy can rest easier also.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Little Miss Sophia

the B family visiting from San Diego

the two "sisters" enjoying some after dinner play at the table

Hmmm, I think these two are up to something.

holding hands having a grand ole time

taking a break from all the running fun

playing peekaboo with Miss Yinghong

Well, we had a most wonderful afternoon today. We got to meet up with the B family as they journeyed their way down to Key Largo. Sophia and Munch are from the same orphanage (Hanchuan) and were adopted at the same time. In fact their birthdays are only a week apart. Miss Sophia is full of smiles and giggles and hit it off right away with Munch. After dinner both girls ran and shouted their way through the mall holding hands and giving each other hugs and pats. What a sight to see the two "sisters" interacting so well! Hubs and I so enjoyed catching up with Sophia's mommy and daddy. Although our time together was short we cherished every minute of it as we are always grateful to see our travel group families.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

More Gi-berish

"Me pa-gina hurt." Munch announced this shortly after putting on her big-girl unders. Yes, we are still easing our way into potty training.

" Brea friend and Sammy very naked!" This was one of Munch's response when I asked her who her friends were.

"Me no ike goooshi." Hubs asked me if I wanted sushi for dinner. Munch promptly responded for me.

"Me no feel well." This is Gi talk for I just woke up and want to be held to my satisfaction.

"Me have boogers, Mommy." No explanations necessary.

Monday, February 02, 2009


Scene One
The three Ds venture down to the Sawgrass Mall in search of bargain deals. We find a shady parking space, load up and walk toward one of the main mall entrances. I walk ahead a bit with the stroller while hubs casually stroll behind me with Munch. Within 10 feet of reaching the mall entrance, I feel something wet and gooey fall on my head. I look up and see a flock of pigeons flying by. Yup, I got fresh bird poop plastered to one small section of my head. Hubs confirms my unlucky encounter and proceeds to clean my hair with wet wipes (don't leave home without them). Gi asks us what we are doing. I tell her that Daddy is cleaning bird poop from my hair. Gi looks up at me pointing her little finger and loudly asks, "You you you you have bird poop in hair?" I answer in the affirmative which, apparently, doesn't satify Munch for she repeats the same question several more times to the delight of fellow shoppers walking by.

Scene Two
Munch and I are in Kindermusik class. Ms. Caroll Ann, our delightful Kindermusik teacher, notices Gi's cute Jamaican dress and asks her where she got it. Gi, looking momentarily stumped, eyes her teacher, looks at me then quietly announces that she got it "from my room." This literal answer to the teacher's questions puts a smile on the adults' faces in the room.