Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's My Birthday...

Have you ever heard this come out of a grown man's mouth consistently for four days straight?  If you have you are likely bobbing your head up and down sympathizing with me right now.  If you haven't you are cautiously not married or are lucky enough to have snatched yourself a modest sensible spouse.  Hubby started his birthday weekend this past Thursday (the actual date of his birthday) by taking some time off from work.  And like an out-of-control runaway train, Hubby worked his birthday to his advantage.

Ana, it's my birthday.  Do I have to finish the dishes tonight?

It's my birthday.  Can you make me some tea?  My throat hurts.

I need to sleep in.  Please don't wake me up early cause it's my birthday.

Ooo, ooo rub my back please... it's my birthday.

Can we have steak tonight?  It's birthday weekend after all.

Honey, give Gi a bath tonight please please.  You can do it this one time since it's my birthday.

Gi, it's Daddy's birthday...go get me a beer from the fridge, ok?

This morning, Munch wakes up and sleepily asks me if birthday weekend is over.  With great relief I let her know that her daddy is back to his regularly scheduled programming.  One year older and decidedly just as annoying but we love you to pieces, Daddy-O.