Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Friday, September 25, 2009

So Spit It Out

the little spitfire here guzzling apple juice with her bud Sammy

The ole Munch is keeping hubs and I laughing and guessing everyday. Her latest vocabulary acquisition keeps us amazed and amused. Several days ago, we tell Munch that she has to nap first before she goes to a birthday party. With hands outstretch in a stance indicative of a great orator, Munch states, "No, Mommy Daddy. This the deal. Me play then me go to party. Okay? Okay." While eating at a restaurant tonight, Munch takes her apple sauce covered teaspoon, thoroughly wipes it on a napkin and announces "good as new, good as new." She repeats this motion several more times during the course of dinner. When taken by surprise or utterly enjoying a moment, Munch will squeal "oh me god!" And let's not forget about the potty sector. "Me no need help, Mommy. Close door. Me need pirate-si (privacy in Gi lingo). Me going make big poopie!" Nice, isn't it? You know how before you became a parent, other experienced parents advised you to stop using profanity once the kids reach a certain age and get stricken with the parrot syndrome. Take The Advice. Hubs and I are still learning the hard way especially when Gi points at someone in a store and loudly asks "Mommy, what dat moron doing?"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bye Bye Vovos

Well, the vovos should be enroute to Brazil by now. We miss them already. All the Ds went out for an all-American meal one last time last night. We filled our bellies with greasy but yummy burgers and fries at Five Guys. It would be great if they can be a part of our summer every year helping Gi and Hubs celebrate their birthdays. Wishing the vovos a safe and pleasant journey back to Sao Paulo!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Scores of Birthdays

Munch modeling the "party" dress she picked out to wear for Kai's bday bash

carpooling to Kai's party with good bud, Sammy

having lots of fun at the bash

helping newly forty-four Daddy blow out his candle

September is a busy month for us birthday-wise. First, Munch helped her mei mei friend, Kai, celebrate her big four. Next, it was Daddy's turn to blow out the candles with a little help from his number one daughter. This coming Saturday another mei mei friend, Madi, will also be celebrating her big day. Unfortunately Munch will not be able to join in the fun as it is on the same day as the vovos' departure for Brazil. Happy birthday, Madi!!! At the end of this month, Munch is due to join one of her classmates for more birthday fun. Oh boy, life as a toddler sure is exciting! Can I be a kid again???

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

So Many Happenings

Munch on her first day of class in the three year old room

Our trusted old friend being towed away to a salvage yard. So long...

Gi is in the background near the ballet teacher.

just before taking off to her ballet class

playing musical hat with Vovo Joe Joe

Well, we had a very eventful August to say the least. We continue to have a great time with the vovos. They are getting to know Munch and vice versa. Our trusted old friend, our 1999 Lexus, was severely rear-ended by a 79 year old lady one afternoon in Broward County. Her insurance company inspected the damage and proceeded to total the car. Our new trusted old friend is now a 2006 Nissan Altima. Luckily, no one was hurt in the accident and we are very grateful for that. Munch also started her school year in her three year old class with Ms. Denise and Ms. Linda. Except for a few teary mornings in the beginning, she seems to be enjoying her new class. Munch also started her new ballet class with tutu and all. When she comes home, she is more than happy to show us all the moves she has learned with Ms. Janae. Hubs and I can't wait to attend the recital.