Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Friday, August 31, 2007


Big thanks to Miss Jamie and Sunny for hosting such a fun play date at their home. This was our first outing with the SPBMeiMeis. Gi and I so enjoyed meeting everyone especially the mei meis, Sunny, Ami, Kayla, Madi, and Camille. We look forward to seeing everyone on a regular basis.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Spending Time with Baby

O.k., Mommy is not the best photographer but we're having fun!
Thanks to Miss Jamie and Sunny, I now have a inflatable tub to climb in and out of.

I will humor Mommy by actually looking at the camera this time.

Boy, being a mom is hard work! Since coming back from China my days have been filled caring for and having fun with Gi. So far so good. We are finally on a routine. Yes, the all-important routine that so many experienced moms talk about. I'm definitely on board with that. We've even got some weekly activities in place---storytime at BN, lapsit at the local library, playdates with a local FCC group and possibly swim lessons. Whew, now if only getting enough sleep was part of my daily routine, the universe would be in perfect alignment.

Tricks Up His Sleeves

Although hubs is not crazy about feeding the baby, he has mastered the art of giving Gi a fun-filled bath every night. To get Gi to have her hair washed without fussing, hubs plays a game with her. With clownish exaggeration, he flops the wet soapy wash cloth on top of his head. Then he tells Gi that it's her turn. She happily lets him place the cloth on her head. This exhange goes on for several minutes until Gi's hair is completely rinsed. To wash her back thoroughly, hubs puts bottles of shampoo on the window ledge. This prompts Gi to stand up and reach for the bottles. Hubs quickly washes her back before she plops back down in the water. What can I say? He's a keeper!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Fellow Little Friends Who Celebrated with Me

Gi doing what she does best---putting things in her mouth.
Little Juliette with her mommy.










Gi's birthday get-together was blessed with several wee little friends who stopped by to help Gi celebrate her first birthday.

Gigi's First Birthday Celebration

Daddy smushed frosting on me!
Singing happy birthday.

Enjoying a hotdog with Mommy and Daddy.

Reaching for the hotdog before Mommy notices.

Zooming around in my onsie.

A few sips of watered-down apple juice to keep me going.

We spent a wonderful Sunday afternoon celebrating Gi's first birthday with family and friends. The ladybug outfit that we put Gi in didn't last long. She dripped watermelon juice all over it. We promptly changed her into a more mess friendly onsie. Special thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for taking care of Gi and grilling up all the burgers and dogs while mommy and daddy ran around. Hubs hooked up a live camera so Grandma and Grandpa in Brasil could see the celebration. Thanks to Auntie J for snapping most of the pictures. And many thanks to all the family and friends who gave Gi a lovely wish and/or present. It was great to have the PBChina sisters in the house with Gi---Sammi, Brea and Sunny.

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Day in the Park

Last weekend, Gi attended her first picnic/bbq at a local park. Needless to say, she ate her way through a hotdog, some of Mommy's hamburger and countless pieces of watermelon. She made many new friends, crawled around a bit and chilled in her stroller. Many thanks to Donna in the blue dress for sharing these great photos!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First Doctor's Visit

Is it sleepy time yet?

Well, Gi went for her first American doctor's visit yesterday. She is officially 16.5 lbs and 29.5 inches. As expected, she is small for her age. The doctor has told us to let her eat as much as she wants. Let me tell you, this little dynamo can eat! She is also drinking whole milk and eating pureed foods that I make for her. Developmentally, she is at about nine months but should progress nicely according to the doc. The nurses around the office seem to think she will walk independently soon. Friday, Gi goes in for bloodwork. Mama is not looking forward to the crying! Then it's off to see the doc again in two weeks.

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