Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hooray for Number 3!

Gi had a very busy day today. First it was off to the local playground with Mommy and Daddy. Upon arrival we spot the Van Clan and Mei Mei Avery and her mommy, Lori. So Gi spent the morning hanging out with buddy, Brea. After naptime, we got ready to attend Mei Mei Ami's birthday party while Daddy stayed behind to get a good rest. Big thanks to Ami and her Mommy for having us over. Gigi, again, got a chance to try the bounce house. She is still not a big fan. The trampoline was completely foreign to her also. But she did enjoy the wonderful swing set. Gigi is a swing hog! In the evening, it was off to the Hawkins for an evening of music and girl-play with the Van Clan and Miss Deborah and Mr. James. Now Munchkin is sound asleep in her crib. Whew, what a day!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

In Search of a Manatee

chilling with Daddy

up the hill

dos amigas

gardening by the sea Sammi J style

herding cats number 1

herding cats number 2

made in the shade

fancy girl Sammi J

Well, no such luck today as we trekked our way up to Ft. Pierce hoping to catch a glimpse of manatees and bottle-nose dolphins. However, we did spend a great morning with the Hawkins. The girls frolicked here and there, showcased their new flashing heart necklace courtesy of Tia Deborah (good friend to the Hawkins), swapped cool shades and enjoyed some quality daddy time. Oh, and let's not forget that they also munched their way through the playdate. Then it was snoozles for both girls as they were chauffeured home by some tired parents.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I'm 18 (mos) Today!

chocolate facial courtesy of Daddy

Someone has to feed Daddy.

getting a little help from Daddy

All this for little ole moi?

new haircut new smile

Dahhling, take my picture already.

You see, Mommy, you need two gallons of oil to make my cupcakes.

What's this? A certificate? Where's my lollipop??!!

Is that my hair on the certificate, Mommy?

On this Valentine's Day, my little munchkin turns 18 months. We started the day by going to a local kid's salon for Gi's first professional haircut. Hubs gave his consent last night for the cut. After I butchered Gi's bangs back in September, all changes to her hair must be sanctioned by hubs or marital strife will ensue. Luckily no major meltdown occurred. Just a couple of "I'm irritated" tears and lots of wiggling. Gi sat on my lap and used her tiny feet to kick the hair stylist who good humoredly cajoled Gi into various positions for an even trim. We left the salon with a "first haircut" certificate and a lock of Gi's hair in a little baggy. All was well again especially after Mr. Lollipop made it's appearance. After coming home and taking her all-too-brief nap, Gi decided that she would help me make her birthday cupcakes. As you can imagine, her idea of helping is very different from mine! We ended the momentus day by enjoying a dinner of salsa chicken and devouring the birthday cupcakes. Well, more like Mommy and Daddy helped Gi devour her cupcakes. Happy birthday, little one! You're a year and a half. I can't believe she's on her way to being two!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Place at the Table

For the past three weeks or so, Gi has been sitting with the adults at the dinner table. And I must say she is most proud of herself. She now happily points to her "big girl" seat and cooperatively lets us strap her in. Gi hasn't quite gotten the hang of eating with a plate or bowl yet. When we've tried them with her, she has dumped her food on the table instead. So we proceed with caution. She loves to use her "big girl" fork and spoon but seldom manages to get her food from the table to her mouth. During most meals, she'll feed herself by picking up food with her little fingers from the tabletop. There are nights where food that can be stabbed with a fork (and stays put) is served and that's when we let Gi go to town with her utensils. She has also graduated to a "big girl" sippy cup, the kind that has no handles on the sides. Thanks, Miss Wendy, for that heads-up. She loooves that cup and hangs on to it even when she is engaged in other activities. So things are looking great as my baby turns 18 months, right? Well, yes and no. As most experienced mommies tell me, every milestone is always accompanied with changes that may be challenging. For example, Munchkin doesn't quite like to sit for long now in her stroller or shopping cart. Today we experimented with a harness buddy that Gi picked out herself. Hubs and I introduced it as her new "big girl" backpack. We practiced walking together on our driveway and sidewalk. So far so good. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it will go over just as well at the local mall or library.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's CNY at the Zoo!

Olivia loves grapes!

Sammi J checking out the map

Brea petting the goat

Gi petting the goat

golden dragon

red dragon

dragon dancers

new family

two buddies

What a great morning! We celebrated CNY again at the zoo. For those of you who live in colder climate, it was 85 degrees in our part of the neighborhood. The sun was out and a slight breeze was blowing. We met up with our good friends, the Vans, Hawkins and St. Ans and the Mei Mei group. Along the way, we bumped into Miss Amy and her new cutie, Mia. We were treated to a spectacle of traditional dragon dances and martial arts demonstrations. Gi was front and center enjoying every scene and even applauded. We attempted to have Gi's face painted but decided an air tatoo was probably less intimidating. So she went for a dragonfly on her arm. It was great seeing all of our Chinese "sisters." Happy new year to everyone!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

CNY Playdate Action

watching the BabyFirst channel while waiting for Sammi and her mommy to arrive
Soda and chips on your pizza, anyone?

Sammi wants her mommy to test out the pretend tomato slice. Gi samples her hotdog.

Do you want my hotdog, Sammi?

Grandma C is in heaven! Sammi climbed on GC's lap which prompted Gi to follow suit. Monkey see, monkey do.

Our Chinese New Year day is off to a super start. Miss Wendy and Sammi came over for a special Kai Lan premier get-together. The much anticipated Dora-like show was not a big hit with the girls but they sure had fun playing with one another. A couple of interesting observations were noted today by both mommies and Grandma C: 1) Sammi went over to Grandma C without hestitation and even identified her as a Grandma 2) Gi actually became upset when Miss Wendy and Sammi were gathering their things to leave. So the playdate was extended another half hour so the girls could lunch together 3) Now Gi likes bows in her hair because Sammi happily wears one on her head 4) Sammi J has the coolest way of saying wow. It's more like wooooow 5) Both girls looove rubber stamps on their hands and arms. Take note, mommies out there, they are a lot cheaper than fancy bandaids and stickers. Now Gi is snoozing away after a fun-filled morning. Bet Sammi J is out like a light in her car seat too. Thanks, Hawkins, for such a wonderful playdate!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Lovely Greedy Cat

another creation by my sis
For those of you who are perplexed by the title of this entry, this was the phrase that the orphanage director used to describe Gi's personality in one of the medical reports. In Cantonese it sounds like Wai Sic Meow. If you are a Wai Sic Meow, you are a person who likes to eat all the time. How accurate!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!!

In Chinese, the Rat is respected and considered a courageous, enterprising person. People born in the Year of Rat are clever and bright, sociable and family-minded. They have broad interests and strong ability in adapting to the environment and able to react adequately to any changes.
So with that being said, the three Ds would like to wish our family and friends a festive Chinese New Year. We plan to join some of our adoption friends for a celebration at a local zoo this Saturday. We'll kick off the celebration by watching the premier of Kai Lan tomorrow on the Nick channel with Gi's buddy, Sammi. Thanks, Miss Wendy, for the reminder. And thanks to Grandma and Grandpa C for Gi's first red envelope gift.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Royal Dress-Up

Brown Couch Photo



Snow White

Sammi aka Tinkerbell

Miss Kim showing the girls the ropes

Princess Brea

Sammi in her party dress

two princesses

getting a nice hug from Princess Brea

The three spice girls had a marvelous playdate this morning courtesy of Miss Kim and Miss Wendy. Both Sammi and Brea pulled out their stash of princess gowns and went to town with Gi. I'm pretty sure this is a first for Gi, dressing up as a princess. All the girls found it amusing enough but then moved on to real playtime.