Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Sunday, February 05, 2012


Ok, I would like to thank my friend, Lisa, for kicking my hiney into gear.  It's been awhile since I posted.  I believe the rules of the nomination are I must thank my nominator and then share seven things about myself that others may not be aware of.  I've met the first requirement and now I proceed with the second. 

1.  Remember Brooke Sheilds from the height of her popularity in the late seventies and eighties?  Well, I used to covet those eyebrows.  I would lock myself in my bathroom, take my pencil and draw a unibrow on myself.  It didn't even dawn on me to use a brow pencil instead of my No. 2 pencil.  Yeah, that's how clever I was.

2.  I speak Chinglish and bad Chinglish at that.  Except for my family most non-Chinese speakers who hear me converse in Chinese think I'm devinely fluent.  What they are actually hearing is a level of Cantonese that most Hong Kong grade schoolers would tease and guffaw about endlessly.  Sorry, Gi, I'm afraid weekend Chinese school is in your near future.

3.  When hubby snores exceptionally loud I squeeze his nostrils shut until the noise stops.  What?  Like you've never done this before.  I'm certain it creates no lasting brain damage.  He's fine.  Really.

4.  I secretly wish to be a hip fashionable mom but know that I'm not even remotely orbiting around that galaxy.  My jeans never fit flatteringly on my 45 year old body.  Could it be that my muffin top is bigger than my legs are long?  Help, Stacey and Clinton!!!

5.  I dream of living in a quiet rural area leaving the hustle and bustle of south Florida behind.  Calling all North Carolina mountain cabins---one LAN system anlyst, school teacher and sassy pants ready for immediate occupancy!

6.  I fancy opening up my own homey cafe serving my fave desserts and coffee.  I could bake my days away while hubby entertained the patrons.

7.  I didn't feel strongly maternal until well into my thirties.  Late bloomer I guess.  Never was too disappointed that I didn't have a bio child.  Look what the universe brought us---Gi---the eternal ray of sunshine in our life.

There you have it.  The selective confessions of an adoptive mom.  Thank you, Lisa, for listing me as one of your nominees.