Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moody Munch

"You just annoying me, Mommy!" That was the conversation starter in the car the other day with Munch. This morning I was greeted with "Hey, I want to be left alone, Mommy!" Oh Lordy, Munch has been on a roll lately. The terrible twos certainly don't end at two. Threes are just as dreadful and are accompanied by a bigger body and an increase in sassy vocabulary. Time-outs occur daily over the simplest noncompliance...refusal to put on socks and shoes to go to school, insistence on wearing a summer dress in 63 degree weather and persistence in addressing Mommy and Daddy with the ubiquitous "Hey!" And that's just the start of the day. Nighttime is a another window of opportunity for Munch to test her boundaries not only with Mommy but with her unsuspecting daddy as well. Please tell me when August 14th rolls around, my otherwise wonderful daughter will magically morph into a harmonious, loving, brillant child. Is that too much to ask for, really??!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

And CNY Continues...

folk dancers

Mrs. Ren was once our Mandarin language teacher before we brought Munch home from China. What a treat it was to meet up with her again!

The 3Ds made their way down to the local library today to enjoy another CNY program. Munch sat through the 60 minute performance without a hitch. We were treated to a recital of folk dancing, instrument playing and tai chi. Another round of gung hay fat choy to all of our family members and friends.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Weekend Fun Pics

three best buds waiting to enter the zoo

serving snacks for six

waiting to be seated for lunch

squeezing into the termite house

Mayan cuties

ice cream break zoo style

exploring with a stick at Green Cay Farms

posing with super cutie, Amelie, at the farm

picking cherry tomatoes
To say the least, we had a fun-filled extended weekend. On Saturday, we celebrated CNY with good friends at the park. On Sunday, we joined Miss Robin and Amelie for a delicious tour of Green Cay Farms. Then it was off to the zoo on Monday with Gi's best buds (Brea and Sammy) and her new friends, Alexis, Elliot, Devin and Miss Melissa. Nothing like sheparding six kids at a zoo. Hubs and I were dead tired after coming home from the zoo. Munch deemed it unnecessary to take a nap after coming home from her zoo adventure. So we packed her off to bed that night at 6:45 and baby was zonked out by 7:00. Bliss!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy New Year!

Along with Miss Amelie, Munch made some new friends, Elliot, Alexis and Devin. With their bellies full of food and fun, the kids posed in front of the restaurant prior to going home.

Wow, I can't believe that we are celebrating our third Chinese New Year with Munch! We started out at a local park where all the adults were freezing and huddling around a warm bbq grill and the kids were blasting around in the chilly windy park. Then we headed over to a nearby mom-and-pop joint for a much needed Chinese lunch indoors. With all 13 of us, we nearly filled the compact restaurant to capacity. Luckily, the lunch crowd consisted only of us so the kids were able to roam and talk a bit more freely. We had a lovely time chatting and eating with our dear friends. May the year of the tiger continue to bring us all good health and prosperity. Gung hay fat choy!