Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jamaican Supper

Getting ready to chow down
Official taste testers

Curry beef Jamaican style

Peas and rice

Conch fritters

Frying up some conch fritters

Tonight, Gi had her first taste of Jamaican style foods. Grandpa C supplied us with some fresh conch meat which I made into conch fritters. I also made some peas and rice and curry beef to accompany the conch fritters. Yummy! Jamaican food is delicious!

House Guest

Hmm, who should I make come into this house with me...
When I do this with my hand, I want you to sing.

Oops, you caught me by surprise, Auntie Sara.

I love to go in and out of this house.

Check out the view, Grandma.

Chilling with Grandma C

Grandma C reading with Gi in the house

Since getting her playhouse from Grandma C, she loves to go in and out of it. Every so often she will insist that one of us accompany her in the house. This time it was Grandma C's turn. Only grandparents have such patience! ;-)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Mother Nature

Herb garden
Grandma C with Gi near the butterfly garden

Mommy and daughter in front of a silk floss tree

Beautiful pink roses

Playing with Uncle Mark's bottle during lunch break

Chilling after sharing a burrito with Mommy

Chowing down on part of Mommy's burrito

End of the visit to the wetland

Gi didn't keep the sunglasses on for long.

Is that a turtle, Mommy?

Look, Mommy, wasps up on the ceiling!

Taking a snack break


Are those alligators?

For two straight days, Gi has enjoyed the wonders of Mother Nature. Auntie Sara and Uncle Mark are advid naturists. They invited us to come along to a local wetland area and a bontanical garden. Gi got to see numerous types of birds, vegetations and even alligators and turtles. Along the way, Auntie Sara took many pictures of her one and only niece.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Gi's First Christmas

Quiet dinner with family and friends
Uncle Mark

Baked mashed potato was a big hit

Uncle Mark testing out Gi's new playhouse

Gi entering her new playhouse, a gift from the gramps

The view is nice!

Pretty roomy for one

Gi insisted on helping Daddy put her new playhouse together.

More Christmas Eve Festivities

My cousin, Alicia, invited our whole clan down to her lovely home for some festivities.
Grandma L and Grandpa J enjoying themselves.

The other gramps enjoying themselves.

My dad with his cousin, Esther.

My cousin, Diana and Gi

Lively crowd

Gi, me, cousin Enrique and his beloved Cookie

Gi playing with Uncle Mark and cousin Veronica

Gi and her cousins, Aidan and Veronica

Gi checking out the Barbies with Aidan's help

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve Lunch

Enjoying a nice luncheon at Grandma and Grandpa C's house
Gi checking out her manatee from Auntie Sara and Uncle Mark

Uncle Mark and Hubs enjoying Chang beer

Gifts for Gi from Auntie Sara and Uncle Mark (twin size quilt and manatee)

Gi checking out the Gigi calendar made by Auntie Sara

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