Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Friday, December 31, 2010

December Festivities

some goodies that Santa left for Gi

Christmas dinner

Christmas Eve dinner

Munch painting with Uncle Mark

making cookies at Melissa's house

having fun with Devin

relaxing with Elliot

Alexis and Gi in between cookie making session

posing with Uncle Mark and Poh Poh

posing with Uncle Mark and Gon Gon

home from school with a frosty snack

super buddy Brea

Christmas luncheon in Gi's class

Christmas book exchange in Gi's class

Gi-size Christmas tree

dressing up for Auntie Sara's photo shoot

very proud of her boots from Vovo Joe Joe and Vovo Lydia

Happy new year to all of our family and friends!!!

Monday, December 06, 2010

So Far in December

We had the pleasure of meeting Hubs' cousins  (Annie and Clayton) from Brazil.  They are happy newlyweds.

After attending two Little Dragon class, Gi got her white belt.  This child was estatic!

Giving Sensei Cara double high-fives after being given her white belt.

white belt Gigi

Gi reading to Mommy and Daddy at B&N

Friday, November 26, 2010

November Happenings

Gigi and Sammy posing lakeside

Sammy and Gigi going canoing with Uncle Mark behind Sammy's Melrose house

birthday girl, Sammy, getting ready to blow out her Jesse hat cake

getting an excellent demonstration of the best blueberry scones from Carol and Dick

I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille.

hard at work applying make-up


glamour girls

Pilgrim Gigi

Gigi and her classmates performing a Thanksgiving medley for the parents

Gigi at her Thanksgiving feast at school

Hubs got his deep fried turkey this year---delicious!!!

Gigi got to meet Sammy's Melrose buddies, Coty and Hannah.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween 2010

Mommy, is it dark yet?  Munch utters this question broken-record style in the hopes of getting me out the door for some candy acquisition fun.  Finally, 7:00 p.m. rolls around and I whisk Munch out the door grateful that I no longer have to hear the repeated whining.  We power down our street successfully accumulating sweet treats of all kinds.  About 6 houses into this Halloween tradition, Munch loses her kitty cat composure, limply hands her candy bucket to me and demands that we return home promptly so she can be the distributor of delightful sweets to all Halloween participants.  Really???  Did my child just tell me that she would rather pass out candy than receive it?  Well, who am I to argue with a four year old?  Not wanting to miss this window of opportunity for reduced candy consumption, I oblige my daughter quickly, savoring my good fortune.  We return home.  Munch takes over candy distribution duty from Daddy.  Things go swimmingly well until the bloody-scaly-head-with-a-sword-stuck-in-his-eye trick-or-treater comes walking up to Gi.  Munch is horrified and nearly knocks over the bowl of candy sitting on the stool.  She buries her face in my chest while Hubs scrambles to stuff some candy into Bloody Head's bag so his horrific-ness could move along.    Luckily, Munch recovers quickly barely losing faith in the lustre of candy passing.  Yes, another memorable Halloween with our Munch.  Wouldn't have it any other way.   

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday, Avery!

Just wanted to wish big girl, Avery, a very happy Halloweenish birthday.  She is six!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Dance

having a hopping good time

ready to dance the night away
the grump-a-lumps set in
time for poopy-face
Like all well laid out plans there are going to be some setbacks. Friday night we had ours with Munch. After talking about the preschool Halloween dance for several days, Gi finally had her opportunity to put on her mermaid costume and dance the night away with her friends at school. We arrive to lively music and a fantastic show of kid-friendly costumes. Munch gets into the spirit and mommy and daddy are relieved that fun is being had. Then almost as if the good-attitude clock struck twelve, Munch turns into a sourpuss never recovering from her downward turn for the rest of the evening. What happened to our cheerful mermaid? Hubs and I go through our mental list of causes. Tired? No because she took a two-hour nap. Hungry? Not likely since she had a big bowl of strawberries and crackers at home. Thirsty? Not really since she refused a sweet cup of lemonade at the dance. What then??? Oh heck, we don't know! What we did learn is that when your child is determined to not have a good time, seize the moment and make a quick exit. Your deep and philosophical discussion about making right choices with your grumpy kid is always better had in the car ride home rather then on the noisy dance floor.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hubby Turns 45

Ms. Ericka stopped by last night with a handcrafted Brazilian jersey cake for Hubs.

The three of us celebrated Hubs' actual birthday this past Wednesday with a surf n turf dinner and strawberry shortcake cake.

Poh Poh and Gon Gon took us out to Silver Pond (Hubs' fave Chinese restaurant) last weekend for an early celebration of Hubs' birthday. Father and daughter both enjoy a lobster claw.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Recipe for Mini Toni Soup

Munch jumps on my lap excitedly and makes her announcement.

Mommy, I'm going to make mini toni soup for Daddy!

Oh, you mean minestrone soup? How do you make it?

Mommy, you put 2 cups of sugar. And noodle and beans and two rice.

Wow, that sounds like a lot of sugar! Are you sure you need that much sugar?

Yes, and you put juice in it.

Hmm, interesting recipe, Gi.

Daddy going to love it. I'm going to make for Daddy in my kitchen cuz he likes mini toni soup. Ok, Mommy?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"I Don't Like Brown People"

Several months ago, Munch and I were shopping in our local warehouse market when a senior African-American woman pushed her cart slowly past us in the dairy aisle. I was diligently searching for nonfat Greek style yogurt and didn't realize that Munch had been eyeing the elderly shopper. Munch tapped my hand as I was pushing her in the shopping cart and loudly proclaimed that she didn't like brown people. If a 44 year old haggard mom could soil her pants, that would have been the moment to do it. I was mor-ti-fied. My head involuntarily turns to look at the elderly lady who, I imagine, very graciously pretended not to have heard my daughter's innocent but very insensitive comment. For the next few minutes, my daughter and I engage in a frantic dialogue about the right and wrong way to like or dislike somebody. Fast forward to yesterday. The ugly comment rears its head again. This time Munch is watching a Disney program which happens to feature a young African-American actress. Mortified again and mystified also, I reiterate to her what we had discussed before. Why would my child say such a hateful thing? She certainly didn't learn that from Hubs or me. Where is it coming from? Then it dawns on me that this may have a school origin. Upon further probing, Munch shares with me that a very naughty male classmate once teased her about how brown her skin was. My heart broke into a million pieces. Sure, I've been on the receiving end of racist, insensitive remarks almost all of my life. But was I ready for my four year old daughter to possibly have to endure such negative behavior from others? Apparently not. And so I mentally pull myself together. What do I say (other than you should punch that boy in the nose when the teacher is not looking)? What expression should I have on my face?

So J said you have brown skin, huh? So what did you tell him when he said that to you?

I say he hurt my feelings and he not nice!

That's good! You told him how his comments made you feel. What did he say after that?

He not say anything. He look at me and he run around. He run away.

Well, he must have gotten the hint! You know, I notice that you have several brown friends like M. Do you like M?

Yes, her very nice. Her play with me at my house.

Must be pretty cool to have brown skin and to have brown friends, don't you think?

Yes, Mommy.

Besides, maybe J was just jealous of the super tan that you have from swimming so much.

He very jealous, Mommy!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day of VPK

Munch was super excited at home on her first day of vpk yesterday.

But once we got to the classroom, Munch wasn't keen on Mommy leaving her.

Ms. Stephanie to the rescue! She got Munch involved in an activity as I slowly eased my way out of the classroom.

All better with the help of Ms. Stephanie. Munch warmed up to her teachers and classmates and had a wonderful first day in vpk.

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