Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Christmas Holiday 2011

Munch with some toys from Santa

posing for Auntie Sara in her "Santa" dress

posing for Auntie Sara

                                                                     with Poh Poh

with Gon Gon

                                                  posing with Santa at Miss Donna's house

                                                               Santa really did come!!!

               sharing a strawberry shake with Daddy at the grand opening of Gimme-a-Burger

                             Uncle Mark and Auntie Sara visit with Vovo Joe Joe at the rehab center

               Uncle Mark is the greatest!  He painted a mural of a mermaid in Gi's bathroom.

                                 visit to the Norton Museum of Art---thanks Auntie Jessie

                             enjoying a nice Cuban dinner with Uncle Mark and Auntie Sara

Christmas day dinner

                                           picking strawberries and tomatoes at a local farm

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auntie sara said...

Gi the natural ham!