Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Friday, December 16, 2011


Wednesday nights have become girls night for Munch and I.  Daddy plays basketball with his co-workers then heads over to Vovo Lydia to have dinner with her.  So Munch and I are left to do our mommy-daughter thing once a week.   This past Wednesday night, Gi and I are munching on our mac-n-cheese and shooting the breeze about school.  I ask her what is her favorite thing to do there.

Hey, tell Mommy what's your favorite thing to do in class.

Ah, Mommy, I like eating lunch with all my friends.

Uh, ok, well what is your next favorite thing?

Going out to the park (Gi-ism for playground).

Oh really.  Ok, what is your next favorite thing to do other than lunch and playground time?

Hmmm, I like going home with you, Mommy.  Oh and I like math and science too.

Whew!  I breathed a big sigh of relief when Munch finally mentioned an academic subject.  Here I am thinking my daughter will list her favorite subject matters like reading, math, computers, etc.  But noooo she gives me lunch, playground, and going home.  In that order.  Really???  Doesn't she know that she is the daughter of a teacher?   Oh such priorities five year olds have!

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auntie sara said...

Gi, I don't blame you! In this age of NCLB, school is all work and no play! I just pray to god you won't get turned off by school because nowadays it's ALL about testing (progress monitoring, standardized testing, etc, etc.) There's no end to this horror!