Mighty Munch

Mighty Munch

Sunday, October 30, 2011

October Already???

Gosh, is it really the end of October already?  Halloween is just around the corner.   A lot has happened since my last check-in.   My dear father-in-law suffered a stroke back in late September and is still under daily medical care.  He is making progress.  I have no doubt that he will get back to his baseline and continue to dish out his special brand of Portuguese stubborness for years to come.  Speedy recovery, Vovo Joe Joe!

Gon Gon is under house arrest DeOliveira style.  He is under our care and supervision while Poh Poh lives it up for a month in Macau.  While Gon Gon spends his days with us, Poh Poh is enjoying her extended visit with her mom and family in the gambling capital of the East.  Wishing Poh Poh safe return to us in mid November.

As for Munch, she is officially 32 lbs and 39 3/4 inches.  Whew, finally on the charts at 19th percentile!  She's girlie as ever and still sporting her favorite accessory---sassiness.  At the ripe old age of five, Munch now needs to wear glasses for classroom activities due to a little bit of astigmatism.  No worries though.  She loves her Barbie glasses - one in pink and one in teal blue.

Hubs is great although a bit on the tired side what with worrying about his dad for the last several weeks. On the up side, Vovo Lydia is driving again after many years of being driven around. After two refresher courses with a professional instructor, Vovo Lydia is out and about in her red Jetta. She drives to the rehab center everyday to keep my FIL company. Vroom, vroom, Vovo Lydia, we are so proud of you!

bratty witch of the East

getting ready to go trick-a-treating in downtown Delray Beach

my little Einstein

getting ready for the walkathon at her school

enjoying some Italian ice after the walkathon

class pic on walkathon day


aunt sara said...

what? no one told us Gi has to wear glasses!

Lisa said...

oh my goodness--LOVE the glasses!!! Too cute:)